We know you probably don't care too much about us,
here's why you should. At least a little ...

As marketers one of the first things we learn is that our prospects and customers generally don't really care about us ...

All they care about is what we can do for THEM.

You can Try ClickMagick Free and we think it'll sell itself ...

But here's some stuff we think you really SHOULD know about us:

  • We're currently just a small, self-funded team of 3 - but we're 110% dedicated to building the most kick-ass click tracking and marketing optimization platform on the planet.

    We eat, sleep, and breath ClickMagick 24/7 - and we're in it for the long haul.

  • We're marketers first, and product creators second. Combined, we've generated over $20 million in revenue online. Even our lead programmer Jayson has made 6-figures as an affiliate.

    We know making money online, we know tracking, and we can help YOU make more money.

  • We do everything ourselves, all in-house. We can iterate faster than probably any software provider you've ever dealt with, and we encourage you to challenge us.

    Unlike the guy who outsourced some "script" to a random coder on the other side of the world - and who doesn't even know how it really works - we respond to feedback, fix bugs, and add new features in a matter of minutes, hours and days - not months (if at all!).

  • We believe in the subscription-based SaaS ("Software as a Service") model wholeheartedly, and you should too. When you buy a script for a one-time fee, the developer has no incentive to further develop and support the product - and you're usually left high and dry.

    Our model allows us to focus 110% on continuing to improve ClickMagick for you, as opposed to churning out new "product launches" every month or two.

If you're serious about growing your online business, we've got your back. Give ClickMagick a try and if you don't absolutely love it, tell us why and we'll do everything we can to change that.

Patrick Kelly & the ClickMagick Crew

"The easiest tool I've come across for both tracking ..."

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