The Engagement Funnel
The Engagement Funnel is the engine behind multiple 6- and 7-figure funnels by industry giants like Mindvalley. In this course Brian reveals how he created the model, how it works and why it converts.

This training includes ...

    2 Video Trainings

     2 Resources & PDFs

Just some of what you'll learn ...

How to convert expensive cold traffic into paying customers
Funnel copywriting that keeps engagement - and sales - high
How to send content to your leads, and still make sales
A step-by-step breakdown of the funnel model making 7-figures a month
About your instructor ...

Brian is the world's #1 Email Resurrection specialist and the secret weapon behind a number of world class experts - including's Justin Brooke and Mindvalley's Vishen Lakhiani, as well as self help gurus Marisa Peer and Bob Proctor.

His marketing campaigns have generated at least $35 Million over the past few years - and he's only taken on a very small number of clients.

A 15-year Veteran of High Converting campaigns, Brian spends his time working on projects he loves, living the international lifestyle with his wife. An international speaker, published author, consultant and High Conversion specialist, Brian is dedicated to boosting the sales and profits of smart companies everywhere.