Now hiring: CMO aka Growth Hacker aka Chief Marketing Magician

We're not big on titles around here. Heck, you can call yourself CEO if you've got the magick.

We're just a small team that's built a great product, a great reputation in the marketplace, and a loyal following, and we need your help to take things to the next level.

ClickMagick has yet to spend a penny on advertising or an ounce of energy on marketing, but that's all changing soon, so ...

We're looking for someone to "own" all of ClickMagick's marketing, including:
  • Help us to refine our messaging to attract our ideal customers
  • Develop internal marketing assets e.g. emails and onboarding sequences
  • Create and manage all paid ad campaigns (we currently spend exactly $0)
  • Identify, engage with and manage new affiliates and partnerships
  • Develop new initiatives for growth e.g. webinars or a high-ticket offer
We have no "official" requirements at the moment ...

... other than you must have a track record of demonstrable results doing these types of things.

Compensation will include a salary, profit sharing and equity, and will depend primarily on just how awesome you are. This is a 7-figure opportunity for the right person.

Ideally we're looking for someone to join our team full-time, but if you've got the magick we're open to any arrangement that makes sense.

If you want to chat, email patrick at clickmagick dot com