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Growth HackerRemoteFull-time
Customer Success OfficerRemotePart- or Full-time

August 19, 2017

Position: Growth Hacker

Location: Remote / Full-time

ClickMagick has grown to many 1,000s of paying customers with zero advertising or marketing, by simply building a kick-ass product that people love.

We're already growing like crazy, but we're ready to take things to a whole new level, and we're looking for a rock-star "growth hacker" to help us get there.

Your job will be to help fuel our growth, via both traditional and non-traditional methods.

Here's what we're looking for ...

  • You should have a minimum of 3-5 years of online marketing experience

  • You must have a demonstrable track record of growing online businesses

  • You must have experience managing profitable online ad campaigns

  • You should be data driven and possess strong analytical skills

  • Imagination and creativity are a must to develop new ideas and opportunities

  • You should have at least basic direct response copywriting skills

  • You should have contacts in the industry and/or the ability to develop them

Compensation will be based on your track record of success, and how awesome you are, and will include a great salary, profit sharing, and equity.

If you're interested, please shoot us an email to and let us know why you think you'd be a great fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

September 28, 2017

Position: Customer Success Officer (CSO)

Location: Remote / Part- or Full-time

ClickMagick is growing, and it's time to expand the team again. Right now we're looking for a rock-star customer service professional AKA Customer Success Officer (CSO).

As part of our growing customer success team, your job is simple - to help our customers better use ClickMagick, and ultimately help them to see more success in their business.

You'll work with some cool people, help other online marketers to see more success, while learning and growing your own skill set all at the same time.

Plus, there's lots of room for advancement too depending on your other skills and what you're looking to do long-term.

Anyway, here's who we're looking for ...

  • The perfect candidate will already be familiar with ClickMagick

  • Ideally you should understand the basics of tracking and analytics

  • You're a least a tiny bit familiar with HTML code, tracking pixels, etc.

  • Your written English needs to be "very good" (or better!)

  • You must truly enjoy helping people - there's no faking this

  • If attention to detail "isn't your thing", this isn't either

  • Part-time may work, but we're really looking for full-time team players

  • Pay will be based on your time commitment, and how awesome you are!

This position has the specific non-standard working hours described below:

Ideally we're looking for someone who can work the following hours. This isn't written in stone, but the closer you can get to these hours the better ...

Tuesday5-10pm EST
Wednesday5-10pm EST
Thursday12-2 & 6-8pm EST
Saturday8-3pm EST
Sunday8-3pm EST

The above totals 28 hours, but due to the non-standard working hours you'll be paid a higher than average hourly rate so you'll receive "full time" pay.

If you're interested, please shoot us an email to and let us know why you think you'd be a great fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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