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Why can’t I see some of my Shopify sales in ClickMagick?

There are only a few reasons why some sales aren't tracked in Shopify.

If you use a post-purchase app like Zipify OCU or similar apps the most common reasons include:

1 –  You're using a payment processor that doesn't support post-purchase offers. 

At this time any method other than a direct Credit Card payment method on Shopify Checkout, Shop Pay or PayPal express are allowed.

If the original purchase is paid using a gift card, an unsupported digital wallet, cash on delivery payment method, uses local pickup or delivery… the one click post-purchase offer will not be shown to the buyer.

2 –  Your store uses multiple currencies and the order was paid for in a currency other than your Store's currency.

3 –  The Shopify Platform is under extreme load and there is a delay in order creation.

In this scenario, post-purchase pages won't be shown, even if the request for the post-purchase page was properly made. In short, the post-purchase page is skipped.

You can still track the initial order by following the steps outlined in the article below:

How do I add tracking pixels or JavaScript code to Shopify?

For more info on post-purchase tracking in Shopify, you can view the article below:

Post-purchase tracking with Shopify

If you use any of Shopify's sales channels such as Amazon, Walmart and others.

Sales made using sales channels take place outside of the Shopify store, so visitors never see the store itself.

In this scenario, sales aren’t tracked in ClickMagick since the Visitor never visits the store’s product page.

Click here for info on using sales channels inside of Shopify

Article 780 Last updated: 05/28/2022 7:22:21 AM