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Error Message: Not a valid Link/Rotator Link Slug

This error message means that you’ve used a link or rotator link slug that does not exist in the account.

If you recall, when you create a tracking link (or rotator link), you need to specify a link slug that you must use on the end of the link for it to work correctly:

If a click is delivered to your account and the link slug does not match any link or rotator in your account, you will get the “not a valid Link/Rotator Link Slug” message.
Note: Link slugs are case insensitive so /golf and /GOLF will both refer to the same link.

Common Reasons for this Error

You can get this error for a variety of reasons:
1.    There’s a typing mistake in your Link Slug or Rotator Link Slug ...
2.    You’ve deleted the link so it literally does not exist anymore ...
3.    You’ve recently changed the username for your account, but you forgot to update your links to use the new username. Remember that your generic links contain your username:[USERNAME]/linkSlug

Also, if you’ve changed your username and you’re using Script Forwarding, you’ll need to regenerate the two control files you created before. You can do that here:
How do I set up a custom domain using a Subdirectory?

For more information on nonexistent or invalid Link Slugs, read through this article:

What should I do about clicks to nonexistent links?

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