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Why am I not seeing my Tracking Links?

If you can’t find a Tracking Link in your account, there could be a few reasons for this ...

Reason #1 – You Selected a Group With No Links

You might have selected a group with no links by accident and therefore the links aren’t showing up.

For example in this case, we have the “Archived Links” group selected:


Because we don’t have any links in this “Archived” link group, no links are showing up.

To fix this, simply click on that group dropdown and select the group you want to select, or just select “All Link Groups” to see all your links:


Reason #2 – You Didn’t Clear the Search Bar

Even though you have the right group selected, your links might still not be showing up.

This could also be because you didn’t clear the Links search bar:


Even though we have a lot of tracking links, none of them have “water” in the Link Name, Link Slug, or Primary URL – which is why no links are showing up.

To clear the search bar, simply click on the little “x” to the right of the search bar:


and you will see all your links again:

Reason #3 – You Didn’t Save Your Link When You Made It

This reason is pretty obvious, but yet it can still happen.

When creating your tracking link, if you don’t save changes by clicking on “Create Link”, the link will not show up and will not automatically “save” the changes you made.

So when you are creating your link, make sure you click “Create Link” and address any possible errors you might see along the way so that your link will show up:


This should cover all the possible reasons why your links aren’t showing up.

That being said, if you are still not able to see your links after going through all three of these reasons, we’ll be happy to take a look if you submit a ticket. Just mention that you went through all these reasons first!

Article 385 Last updated: 05/19/2022 3:40:28 PM