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What are these large 9 and 10-digit numbers?

If you’re looking at a 9 or 10-digit number it’s almost certainly a Tracking Link “Click ID” or a Campaigns “Visitor ID.”

With Tracking Links, every click processed by ClickMagick is assigned a very large unique number.

If you’re working with an affiliate network, they will often require that you pass the Click ID in your affiliate link as part of a query string and then when a sale is made, the affiliate network will pass the Click ID and sales information back to ClickMagick in a Postback URL. You can read about this process in this article:

How do I track sales with my affiliate network?

Campaigns Visitor IDs on the other hand, which start with cmc, uniquely identify people as opposed to clicks.

If you ever need to look up the click and conversion history for a specific Tracking Link Click ID or a Campaigns Visitor ID, you can easily do that using the IP Lookup tool in the Tools menu at the top of every page.

Article 417 Last updated: 03/27/2023 7:39:30 AM