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How do I add Team Members to ClickMagick?

Available on the Standard and Pro plans, Team Members allows you to add additional users to your ClickMagick account with specific permissions.

To add a new Team Member, simply navigate to your Team page from your Account menu …

Click “Invite Team Member,” enter their email address and set their permissions, and they’ll receive an email invite to join your ClickMagick account.

You can also view all of your team members, modify their permissions, or remove a Team Member at any time.

For each of the Tracking Links, Rotators and Campaigns systems there are four separate permission levels …

None – Team Member cannot access anything at all

Read – Team Member can only view stats and reports

Read/Write – In addition to Read, Team Member can also edit existing assets

Read/Write/Delete – In addition to Read/Write, Team member can also delete assets

Finally, there’s also an “Admin” permission level which gives a Team Member full access to your ClickMagick account, including the ability to manage Billing and Team Members.

“Admins” cannot however cancel the account – only the primary account holder can do that.

Article 723 Last updated: 04/18/2023 5:43:41 PM