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Why would a real person be flagged as a Bot or Server?

Our click auditing system is over 99% accurate, which means that out of every 100 “flagged” clicks you’d be hard pressed to find even one that was flagged incorrectly.

But it can happen, for a variety of technical reasons. This is nothing to worry about, as it’s rare enough that it can’t possibly affect your stats in any statistically significant way, but here are a few examples …

One simple example is if a web surfer’s computer or device is infected with some type of malware or virus.

These malicious and undetected programs can, among other things, generate clicks on ads or clicks to websites for various reasons – and these would be flagged as Bots or Server clicks.

Another more technical example is if an advanced Internet user has set up their own private VPN using a web server.

While ClickMagick knows about and properly handles public VPNs like NordVPN or CyberGhost, it’s impossible for any tracking system to identify a private VPN and these clicks may be flagged as coming from a Server (see note below).

Again, this is very uncommon and it’s not something you should worry about – or even think about for that matter.

Rest assured that ClickMagick has the most accurate “traffic cleaning” system of it’s kind, and the overwhelming benefits greatly outweigh an occasional click that’s flagged incorrectly (and doesn’t meaningfully affect anything).

Note: We mentioned that clicks from a private VPN may be flagged as coming from a Server. From a technical standpoint, here’s how that works …

If the click generates a new Visitor ID – meaning you’ve never seen that visitor before – the assumption is that it’s a Bot or Server click and it will be flagged.

On the other hand, if a known visitor has already been to your site or online store and then later returns via what appears to be a private VPN or Server click, these clicks will NOT be flagged – because in this case we know it’s a real person.

Article 742 Last updated: 10/09/2023 9:26:52 AM