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Why can’t I redirect flagged clicks to a different URL?

Some of our users who sell “solo ads” have asked us to add the ability to redirect flagged clicks to a separate URL. While this is understandable on the surface, we haven’t done this for two reasons:

Reason #1: Our auditing system is over 99.9% accurate.

That means out of every 1,000 flagged clicks you’d be lucky to find one click that was flagged incorrectly. There’s no point in redirecting this traffic anywhere because you simply can’t make money off of it.

Reason #2: Unfortunately, each and every day we see people mistakenly adding sales conversion tracking pixels to their opt-in and other inappropriate pages, resulting in incredibly inaccurate stats.

If we allowed users to redirect flagged clicks separately, this would result in some inattentive users seeing “sales” generated by “clicks” from bots and other automated processes due to sales tracking pixels being placed on publicly accessible pages and incorrect pages …

… and this would result in massive amounts of confusion, “unsolvable” support tickets, and tons of wasted time that would do us all a lot more harm than good.

Article 744 Last updated: 07/28/2021 12:46:33 PM