No iOS Doom And Gloom Here

The recent privacy-related changes with iOS have turned the online advertising world upside down, but here at ClickMagick it's business as usual ...

Because ClickMagick is unaffected by all the changes that started with iOS 14.5.

And it eliminates the need to rely on ad platforms for any tracking or stats at all.

So while other marketers are panicking — and wasting time and money on the doom and gloom being propagated by other apps and "gurus" — you won't even have to think about it.

Advanced Attribution Modeling

By default, ClickMagick uses the industry-standard "Last Click" attribution model.

This gives full credit for conversions to the last link or ad that the user clicked on, and generally gives you the most accurate picture of what actually gets users to convert.

But ClickMagick also provides advanced "multi-touch" attribution models — like Linear, Position-Based and Time Decay — which provide even deeper insights and help you to scale like never before.

Audience Optimization — Get More Customers At A Lower Cost

Ad networks use AI algorithms to find you customers — but this only works as well as the data they have, and they generally misattribute about 20-50% of your sales.

ClickMagick Audience Optimization automatically sends your true conversion data back to your ad platforms, giving them more accurate data to work with.

The end result is more customers, and better customers, at the lowest cost possible.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend With ClickShield

You're paying for lots of clicks from "bots", competitors, and click happy users who click on your paid ad every time they want to get to your site ...

But ClickMagick allows you to set up simple rules to define what type of paid click behavior is acceptable to your business, and block the rest —

Which results in less ad spend for the same number of conversions.

If you advertise with Facebook or Google Ads, the savings from this one feature alone should more than pay for the cost of ClickMagick ...

“With ClickMagick I can now see ...”