Introducing ClickMagick Campaigns

Campaigns is the simplest and most powerful way to track and optimize your
Google, Facebook, YouTube, and any other paid ads or promotional links.

Step 1 — Add Code

Add the Click Tracking Code to your landing page, and the Conversion Tracking Code to any other key pages you want to track.
Step 2 — Build A URL

Use the Campaigns URL Builder to add UTM tracking parameters to your existing landing page URL, and use this URL in your ad.
Step 3 — Send Traffic!

Your Campaigns dashboard let's you slice and dice your data, see all your key metrics, and optimize your ads and funnel in no time.

For more details and a tour of Campaigns, watch the short video below ...

And here are some other new features to boost your profits ...

Cross-Device Tracking

The average Internet user owns 3.2 devices — and constantly switches between them — making it impossible to track their true activity with most tracking systems.

They opt-in on their phone, watch a webinar on their iPad, then finally make a purchase weeks later on their desktop computer. Just like we all do.

But ClickMagick offers true cross-device tracking — something normally reserved for "the big guys" — so you can track, optimize and scale with confidence.

Track Your Phone Sales

If you take phone orders or close high-ticket sales over the phone, traditionally this has been next to impossible to track accurately.

And that means if phone sales are important to you, you don't really have a proper way to optimize your ads to scale your business.

ClickMagick is the only platform available to small businesses that allows you to easily and accurately track your phone sales — all the way back to the individual ad or promotional piece that generated the customer.

Help Ad Networks Find You More Great Customers

Google and Facebook both use artificial intelligence to find you more customers — but this only works as well as the data they have, and they miss some of your sales.

But ClickMagick makes it super easy to upload your true conversion data to the platforms that you advertise on, so they'll have more accurate data to work with.

The end result is even more customers, at a lower customer acquisition cost.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend With Click Shield

Despite the ad networks' best efforts, you're paying for lots of "clicks" from automated software programs called "bots."

And clicks from competitors trying to drive up your costs. And from click happy users who click your paid ad every single time they want to get to your site ...

But you won't have to worry about that because ClickMagick's Click Shield allows you to set up simple rules to define what type of paid click behavior is acceptable to your business, and block the rest.

And this means you'll pay less money for the same number of new customers.

Automated & Intelligent Split Testing

Most people do split testing all wrong — they stop their tests too early, guess at the winners, and then make important decisions based on bad information.

This defeats the whole purpose of split testing and actually costs you money.

But ClickMagick's Automated & Intelligent Split Testing eliminates all these problems. Our proprietary algorithms will instantly alert you when you have a statistically valid winner, and can even redirect all your traffic to the winning variation automatically.

“With ClickMagick I can now see ...”