Tracking Magick - The 1-Hour Guide To Click Tracking

An introduction to click tracking and conversion optimization
for small online business owners and entrepreneurs.

Part 1 -  Track It Or Die Tryin'

While tracking isn't terribly sexy on the surface, it's one of the few secrets to making tons of money online.

Read Tracking Magick - Part 1

Part 2 -  3 Things You Must Track

Discover the 3 specific things in YOUR business that you should be tracking to dramatically increase your profits.

Tracking Magick - Part 2

Part 3 -  Conversion Tracking Basics

Tracking your conversions is priority one. Here's how to track opt-ins, sales and other "actions" in your business.

Tracking Magick - Part 3

Part 4 -  Tracking Affiliate Sales

This is a bit tougher as an affiliate which means it's also a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Tracking Magick - Part 4

Part 5 -  Testing & Optimization

You can get really fancy with this stuff, but even basic testing and optimization can literally double your business.

Tracking Magick - Part 5

Part 6 -  Bots & Click Fraud

Roughly HALF of all "clicks" aren't real. Learn how to fight back against bots that skew your stats and waste your cash.

Tracking Magick - Part 6

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