Tracking Magick - The 1-Hour Guide To Click Tracking

An introduction to click tracking and conversion optimization
for small online business owners and entrepreneurs.

Part 1 -  Track It Or Die Tryin'

While tracking isn't terribly sexy on the surface, it's one of the few secrets to making tons of money online.

Read Tracking Magick - Part 1

Part 2 -  3 Things You Must Track

Discover the 3 specific things in YOUR business that you should be tracking to dramatically increase your profits.

Tracking Magick - Part 2

Part 3 -  Conversion Tracking Basics

Tracking your conversions is priority one. Here's how to track opt-ins, sales and other "actions" in your business.

Tracking Magick - Part 3

Part 4 -  Tracking Affiliate Sales

This is a bit tougher as an affiliate which means it's also a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Tracking Magick - Part 4

Part 5 -  Testing & Optimization

You can get really fancy with this stuff, but even basic testing and optimization can literally double your business.

Tracking Magick - Part 5

Part 6 -  Bots & Click Fraud

Roughly HALF of all "clicks" aren't real. Learn how to fight back against bots that skew your stats and waste your cash.

Tracking Magick - Part 6

Step-By-Step Examples & Tutorials

Below you'll find a growing collection of step-by-step examples and tutorials showing you exactly how to implement some of the tactics and strategies discussed in Tracking Magick.

If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know using the form at the bottom of the page!

   Tracking Pay-Per-Click Keywords

In this tutorial you'll learn how to track your PPC keywords so you can cut the losers and run with the winners.

   Adding Tracking Pixels

Learn how to add conversion tracking pixels in popular page builders and ecommerce platforms.

   Track Affiliate Sales - Postback URLs

If you need to track affiliate sales you'll probably want to use Postback URLs AKA server-to-server tracking. Here's how.

   Track Affiliate Sales - Sub-IDs

If you can't add a tracking pixel or use a Postback URL, you'll have to use Sub-IDs to track affiliate sales. Here's how ...

The Postback URL tutorial above is a simplified version for users who want to get up and running as quickly as possible, and who don't really care about the technical side of things. For a more advanced discussion of passing Sub-IDs and using Postback URLs, please see the ...

Advanced Guide - Tracking Affiliate Sales with Postback URLs

If you're familiar with tracking affiliate sales using Sub-IDs and Postback URLs and you're just looking for the correct format to add your Sub-IDs and how to customize your Postback URLs, here's a handy reference guide that covers all of the popular affiliate networks ...

Affiliate Reference Guide - Using Sub-IDs & Postback URL Tokens

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