Tracking Magick — The 1-Hour Guide To Click Tracking

An introduction to click tracking and conversion optimization
for small online business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Prior to ClickMagick — working by myself as an affiliate marketer — I generated over $20 million dollars using these exact strategies.

And I reveal how you can do it too. It's all in the guide.

Download the PDF or jump right in to Part 1 below. You'll know more than most of your competitors — in about an hour.”

— Patrick Kelly, Founder of ClickMagick

While tracking isn't terribly sexy on the surface, it is one of the only real "secrets" to winning online. Learn this, or you're almost certainly doomed.
Discover the 3 specific things in YOUR business that you should be tracking and optimizing to dramatically increase your profits.
Tracking your conversions is priority one. Here's how to track opt-ins, calls or appointments, sales and other "actions" in your business.
This is a bit tougher as an affiliate — which means it's also a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.
You can get really fancy with this stuff, but even basic testing and optimization can literally double your business.
Roughly half of all "clicks" aren't real. Learn how to fight back against bots that skew your stats and waste your cash.