How To Track Affiliate Sales With Sub-IDs

In Part 4 of Tracking Magick I talked about using only Sub-IDs to track affiliate sales if whatever you're promoting doesn't support tracking pixels or Postback URLs.

Now if it was me I'd find something else to promote because this method is a hassle and requires ongoing manual effort on your part, but I'll show you anyway ...

... because this unfortunately applies to some rather popular affiliate platforms including Amazon, Commission Junction, JVZoo, LinkShare and ShareASale.

Now, to track your sales using Sub-IDs you need to pass a unique Sub-ID to your affiliate link with each click. With ClickMagick it's as simple as adding our [clickid] token wherever you want the Sub-ID to be inserted into your affiliate link.

For example, say you're promoting an offer through Commission Junction - which doesn't support tracking pixels or Postback URLs - and your link looks like this:

You'd pass a unique Sub-ID to your Commission Junction affiliate link by adding ClickMagick's [clickid] token to the end of the URL like this:[clickid]

So that's the exact URL you'd enter for the "Primary URL" in ClickMagick when you're setting up a tracking link for this particular affiliate offer.

Every affiliate platform is a bit different, so please see the end of this guide for the exact format to use for other popular platforms where you'll need to pass Sub-IDs.

Once you do this, ClickMagick will replace [clickid] with a unique number each time someone clicks your tracking link, which Commission Junction will record in their system and subsequently show in your CJ stats along with your clicks and sales.

Then, from time to time you can manually download your conversion report from Commission Junction and upload it into your ClickMagick account like this ...

If you ever end up doing this, it's important to keep in mind that the sales and revenue related stats you see in ClickMagick will only be accurate when you select a date range that exactly matches the date range of the conversion report(s) you've uploaded ...

... and if your tracking system doesn't allow you to upload conversion reports like this you'd need to upgrade to a more feature-rich tracker if you need to use this method.

Passing Sub-IDs to Other Popular Affiliate Platforms

Here's how to pass ClickMagick's [clickid] as a Sub-ID with a handful of other popular affiliate platforms that only support Sub-ID tracking ...

LinkShare - add &U1=[clickid]
JVZoo - add ?tid=[clickid]
ShareASale - add &afftrack=[clickid]

For Amazon you'll want to read more about Amazon Tracking IDs here:

Amazon Associates Central - Using Tracking IDs

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