Welcome MaxBounty Affiliates!

This page will teach you everything you need to know about using ClickMagick with MaxBounty, and you'll want to bookmark it so you can easily come back whenever you want.

The key to just about everything is passing a unique Sub-ID to your affiliate link, so let's start there ...

Step 1 - Pass A Unique Sub-ID To Your MaxBounty Affiliate Link

The first step is to pass a unique Sub-ID with each click to your MaxBounty affiliate link, by inserting ClickMagick's [clickid] token wherever you want the Sub-ID to appear in your affiliate link.

For example if you're promoting a MaxBounty offer and your affiliate link looks like this:


... you'd pass a unique Sub-ID to MaxBounty using ClickMagick's [clickid] token like this:


So that's the exact URL you'd enter for the "Primary URL" in ClickMagick when you're setting up a tracking link for this particular affiliate offer, just like this ...

Step 2 - Generate Your Custom Postback URL w/ ClickMagick's Postback Builder Tool

Just select Postback Builder from the Tools menu within ClickMagick, then select MaxBounty, and ClickMagick will generate the custom Postback URL you need to add to your MaxBounty account.

Step 3 - Add Your Postback URL To Your MaxBounty Affiliate Account

The final step is to add your custom Postback URL into your MaxBounty Profile.

Once you do this, any time you generate an affiliate sale - for any offer! - MaxBounty will "post back" the conversion data to your ClickMagick account, and ClickMagick will attribute the sale and the revenue to the appropriate tracking link or funnel!

Be sure to select URL (any campaign tracking type) for the "Default Callback Type", and then simply paste your Postback URL into the box that says "Default Callback Code" like this ...

Troubleshooting your MaxBounty Postback URL Integration

If you run in to any problems, we built the ClickMagick Postback Debugger just for you!

You'll find it in the Tools menu within your ClickMagick account, and it will provide you with all the tools and information you need to figure out the problem.

If you still can't figure out the problem after using the debugger, please submit a ticket at our help desk with all the relevant details and we'll be happy to take a look.

Please be sure to explain exactly what you've done based on the three steps in this tutorial (with screenshots if possible) and what's not working as expected.

Remember - the more details you provide, the better we'll be able to help.

Advanced Tracking With ClickMagick and MaxBounty

Now that you understand how to set up basic conversion tracking using Postback URLs, you may be interested to learn some more advanced tracking tactics.

Check out the videos below to learn how to integrate your landing pages, opt-in forms, autoresponders, and lots more with ClickMagick and MaxBounty ...

Integrating ClickMagick with CPA Affiliate Networks15 mins
Integrating Landing Pages with CPA Affiliate Networks12 mins
Integrating Autoresponders with CPA Affiliate Networks14 mins
Tracking Calls-To-Action and Opt-ins with CPA Affiliate Networks12 mins

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