ClickMagick is Your “Single Source of Truth”

You just can't rely on the stats provided by your ad networks, affiliate networks, autoresponder, shopping cart, CRM or other marketing apps you use ...

Because individually they simply don't have all the data points necessary to generate accurate and actionable marketing insights.

Not to mention, some of them like to take credit for everything!

ClickMagick is your objective “Single Source of Truth” — the one place where you can see all your key marketing metrics and your actual results, with pinpoint accuracy, all in one place.

No iOS Doom And Gloom Here

The recent privacy-related changes with iOS has turned the online advertising world upside down, but here at ClickMagick it's business as usual ...

ClickMagick is unaffected by the radical industry-wide changes that started with iOS 14.5.

While other marketers are panicking, and wasting time and money on the doom and gloom being propagated by other apps and "gurus" selling courses, you won't even have to think about it.

Track & Optimize Your Entire Sales Funnel

ClickMagick is much more than just a "link tracker", and you can use it to easily track and optimize even the most elaborate sales funnel.

For example, ClickMagick Campaigns is our modern tracking solution that uses industry-standard UTMs and “first party” cookies — which can't be blocked — to effortlessly track your entire sales funnel with no tracking links or redirects.

It was built from the ground up for tracking and optimizing your Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other paid ads ... and you can have it up and running in about 5 minutes!

Bulletproof Cross-Device Tracking

The average Internet user owns 3.2 devices — and constantly switches between them — making it impossible to track their true activity with most tracking systems.

They opt-in on their phone, watch a webinar on their iPad, then finally make a purchase weeks later on their desktop computer. Just like we all do.

But ClickMagick offers true cross-device tracking — something normally reserved for "the big guys" — so you can track, optimize and scale with confidence.

Advanced Attribution Modeling

By default, ClickMagick uses the industry-standard "Last Click" attribution model.

This gives full credit for conversions to the last link or ad that the user clicked on, and generally gives you the most accurate picture of what actually gets users to convert.

But ClickMagick also provides advanced "multi-touch" attribution models — like Linear, Position-Based and Time Decay — which provide even deeper insights on how the different pieces of your marketing are performing, and help you to scale like never before.

More And Better Customers, At A Lower Cost

Google and Facebook both use AI algorithms to find you more customers — but this only works as well as the data they have, and they generally misattribute about 20-50% of your sales.

ClickMagick Audience Optimization makes it super easy to send your actual conversion data to the platforms you advertise on, so they'll have more accurate data to work with.

The end result is more customers, and better customers, at the lowest cost possible.

Facebook Conversions API Integration

ClickMagick Campaigns with Audience Optimization is fully integrated with Facebook's Conversion API, and sends your actual conversion data to Facebook in real-time.

ClickMagick tracking is not affected by any of the recent changes with Facebook Ads or iOS, but this gives you the ultimate in Facebook Ad optimization ...

Resulting in increased Facebook ad performance you simply can't get any other way.

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend with ClickShield

Despite the ad networks' best efforts, you're paying for lots of "clicks" from automated software programs called "bots." And clicks from competitors trying to drive up your costs.

And from click happy users who click your paid ad every time they want to get to your site ...

But you won't have to worry about that because ClickMagick's Click Shield allows you to set up simple rules to define what type of paid click behavior is acceptable to your business, and block the rest — which results in less ad spend for the same number of conversions.

Track Your Phone Sales and Offline Conversions

If you take phone orders, accept wire transfers or accept payment in other ways offline, traditionally this has been next to impossible to track accurately.

And that means that if offline sales make up a meaningful percentage of your total revenue, you don't really have a proper way to optimize your ads to scale your business.

ClickMagick is the only platform available to small businesses that allows you to easily and accurately track your offline conversions — all the way back to the ad or promotional piece that generated the customer — with just one simple tweak to your opt-in or other form.

Real-Time Stats & Reports

Other systems make you jump through all sorts of hoops and click a million buttons to see all of your key performance metrics and stats.

And even then your stats are often lacking, delayed or "sampled" which means you're not getting the full picture.

But with ClickMagick you have quick and easy access to all the numbers you need — conversion rates, ad spend, profit, ROI, average order value, return on ad spend, and so much more — to manage and improve your marketing, all in real-time.

GEO And Mobile Targeting

ClickMagick Tracking Links and Rotators allow you to dynamically send visitors to custom pages based on their geographical location or device type ...

And by doing this — for example sending desktop users to your regular website and mobile users to your mobile optimized site — you'll instantly increase your conversions.

Depending on your offer this could be some of the lowest hanging fruit there is ...

And ClickMagick gives you unlimited flexibility to control who sees what.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

While ClickMagick has evolved over the years to become much more, it was originally built by a "super affiliate" to manage his own multi-million dollar affiliate business.

From one-of-a-kind "dynamic affiliate links" that let you take complete control of the sales process even when promoting affiliate offers you don't control ...

... to automated mobile and geo-targeting ...

... to our automated Postback Builder that helps you integrate with every major affiliate network, ClickMagick gives you a massive competitive advantage over other affiliates.

Best-In-Class Click Rotators

Click "rotators" are a traffic delivery system used to distribute incoming traffic to as many different URLs as you want, in exactly the way that you want.

These are generally best used with email marketing, "solo ads," affiliate CPA offers, or ad co-ops — and ClickMagick has the best rotators in the business.

With 5 different types of rotators and dozens of options — including the ability to deliver traffic based on time, location, device type, and lots more — ClickMagick gives you almost unlimited flexibility and the power to do things other systems simply can't.

Automatic "Bot" Filtering

They can be relatively innocent like a search engine spider, or malicious like a bot used by a shady traffic source to sell you fake clicks ...

... but either way they can REALLY mess up your stats, and waste your ad budget.

Unlike other tracking systems, ClickMagick allows you to filter or even block bot "clicks" — ensuring your stats are accurate and you're getting the clicks you paid for.

We've been in the trenches battling bots as direct response marketers longer than anyone else. With billions of clicks analysed and processed, no other bot filtering system even comes close.

Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis

Knowing your traffic quality is crucial in determining which traffic sources are working for you and which ones are just wasting your money.

ClickMagick automatically assigns a unique Traffic Quality Score to all your tracking links, so you know exactly what kind of traffic you're getting. The system will even notify you if your click quality is suspiciously low.

Now you don't have to worry about that new "solo ad" vendor you're trying out - ClickMagick's got your back and watches all your traffic 24/7.

Knowledge Base with Video Tutorials

We're quite proud of our Knowledge Base, and you've probably never seen anything like it.

It's fully searchable and contains over 400 articles and tutorials — most with screenshots and videos — covering everything you could ever possibly want to know about tracking, testing and optimizing your advertising with ClickMagick.

We've poured a ton of resources into building this for you, so that whenever you get stuck or need help a quick search will almost always give you the answers you're looking for.

Fanatical 24/7 Support

Here at ClickMagick we're known for our fanatical support. Standard and Pro users receive live chat support roughly 18 hours a day, onboarding calls and even phone support if you need it.

And even if you're on our Starter plan or just want to submit a ticket, the average response time in our Helpdesk is usually no more than a few hours. And that's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many users have told us our support is better than anything they've experienced before ...

... because our team consists of real marketers with years of experience — not low-paid, outsourced "customer support" reps who've never been in the trenches.

Feature Competitors
Fix Your Tracking Problems Fast — 5-Minute Set Up
Easily Track Your Entire Sales Funnel Limited
Unaffected by Facebook Ads and iOS Limitations Limited
Sends Your Actual Conversion Data to Ad Networks
Use Tracking Links or Your Own URLs Limited
Cross-Device Tracking
Offline Sales Tracking
Unlimited Custom Tracking Domains Costly
Easy-To-Use, Real-Time Stats and Reports Limited
Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization Limited
Conversion Tracking Of Any Goal Or Sale Limited
Best-In-Class Automated Bot Filtering/Blocking
Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis Limited
Multi-Mode Link Rotators Limited
Lightning-Fast Link Redirects Limited
Dynamic Affiliate Links Limited
Postback / Webhook / Server-To-Server Tracking Limited
Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing Limited
Google Analytics Compatible
Public Stats Sharing
Import/Export Your Data and Stats
New Features Monthly Based On User Feedback
Growing Tutorial & Training Video Library Limited
Fanatical US-Based Support Team
Mike Cooch

"I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say ClickMagick is one of our most-loved apps we've ever used at our business, and it has really helped us to take things to the next level.

You have managed to take things that drove us crazy — tracking, split-testing, etc. — and made them easier and more effective than ever!"

"ClickMagick has really helped me take my business to the next level.

It's incredibly easy to use, has some awesome one-of-a-kind features, and I have received very prompt and friendly support when needed. I recommend ClickMagick to everyone!"

Jan Brzeski
Shaqir Hussyin

"After generating millions of dollars online, I've seen what works and what doesn't. And for a very long time I struggled with the techie stuff that usually comes with tracking ...

But I can confidently say ClickMagick is by far the most accurate, fun and simple way to track your clicks — with all the advanced features you'll ever need. This is a MUST HAVE tool."

"I have found ClickMagick to be an invaluable tool in building my business online.

If you're not using ClickMagick you definitely should because it will really help you scale your business, and it's the most affordable solution of its kind."

Dana Beck
Chuck Nguyen

"I've used lots of different tracking tools in the past, and nothing compares to ClickMagick.

It's got an extremely easy to use interface. Everything is laid out right there in front of you with just a few clicks. With ClickMagick, tracking is just 100 times easier and more efficient."

"Let me tell you — this is an awesome tracking app.

ClickMagick is one-of-a-kind because not only does it track everything, very accurately, but it also gives you lots of extra tools that no other tracking software has out there. I definitely recommend it, and I'm going to be using it for a long, long time."

Jay Anello
Mark Tetzner

"I always thought, when I create my own company, I'm going to make sure the support is spot on, because there's nothing worse than bad support.

ClickMagick's team must live in the support desk because you always get a competent answer, you don't have to keep going back and forth, and you get help fast every single time."

"ClickMagick is awesome. Their support is top notch too as they actually do listen to your feedback, and they are constantly adding new features on a monthly basis.

All in all, highly recommended for newbies AND advanced users."

John Lee
Josh Hundsrucker

"ClickMagick is by far the best click tracker on the market.

I love the cloud-based SaaS model rather then hassling with hosting my own tracking software. Since I started using ClickMagick I have had 100% up-time.

The creators of the software are constantly taking suggestions and implementing upgrades. Sometimes they add a new feature the day after you suggest it!

It was super easy to switch from my old tracking software to ClickMagick. This is a great product and I recommend it to anyone looking for a tracking solution."

"I'm beyond grateful to be using ClickMagick. It's exactly what I had been looking for. If I could build my own tracking service, this would be it, and then some!

What really separates ClickMagick from the other services is the great level of feedback that is accepted. I've suggested several features and they've implemented them quickly. Do your business a favor and sign up. Like... now."

Edward Galstyan
G.A. Titus
"Anyone who is running an online business knows that ad tracking is crucial to making more money online, and ClickMagick helped me to do just that. Totally awesome! All I can say is R.I.P. other link trackers ... ClickMagick is one-of-a-kind and can't be beat."
"Where else can you find a link tracker, rotator, geotargeting, fraud detector — plus on top of everything top-notch dedicated customer support that I haven't experienced anywhere else — at such a reasonable cost? I must admit I left ClickMagick to find a cheaper and better alternative but quickly returned to using ClickMagick."
Mehboob Meghani
Carlos Sanchez
"ClickMagick is an awesome tracking service that helps you to track your ads and focus on where your most profitable clicks are coming from. This has been a game-changer for me, and the support is awesome as well. I would recommend ClickMagick to any serious marketer who is wanting to take their online business to the next level. This is the real deal."
  • QHow quickly can I set up and integrate ClickMagick into my business?

    To get started with ClickMagick Campaigns you just need to add our tracking code to your webpages, and add UTM parameters to the URLs you're promoting if you aren't already using them.

    We have tutorials showing how to do this with all popular page builders and ad networks, and this whole process shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes if you're comfortable with this type of thing.

    If you're brand new to online marketing and have never done any of this before, it will certainly take you a bit longer — but we have lots of tutorials and we make it easy as possible for you.

    Using some of our more advanced features does also require a bit more set up ...

    But you can finally start getting accurate and actionable data in minutes!

  • QIs ClickMagick affected by the recent changes with Facebook Ads and iOS?

    Without getting technical, the short answer is no, not at all. Our three tracking systems — ClickMagick Campaigns, Tracking Links and Rotators — are all unaffected.

    Our primary tracking system, ClickMagick Campaigns, uses no redirects and only first-party cookies on your own domain. That means it will never be affected by these types of privacy-related changes.

    Even better, ClickMagick Campaigns with Audience Optimization automatically sends your actual conversion data back to the major ad networks — using Facebook's Conversion API for example — resulting in improved optimization and increased ad performance.

    When it comes to privacy, the big "fight" right now is about tracking everything users do across the entire Internet and then sharing their data across other apps and websites for profit.

    Here at ClickMagick we have nothing to do with any of that. ClickMagick helps you track your own advertising and the traffic to your own website, which is something you have a fundamental right to do.

  • QWait a minute ... Why is ClickMagick so inexpensive?

    We're so focused on building an amazing product that we made the very common mistake of setting our initial pricing way too low in 2014. Then we didn't increase our prices as we added more features.

    But over the past 18 months we've been slowing increasing our prices to better reflect the value that ClickMagick provides, and will continue to do so going forward.

    If you want to take advantage of our mistake, sign up today and you can lock in these low prices.

  • QI hear people have trouble with tracking links and Google. What's the story?

    This is true. Over the years it has become more and more difficult to comply with all of Google's various rules and changes when using tracking links to track your ads.

    This is the whole reason we built ClickMagick Campaigns — a modern tracking solution that utilizes industry-standard UTM tracking parameters added to your own URLs for tracking.

    There are no tracking links or redirects involved and you send people directly to your own pages.

    This means that your stats are also as accurate as they can possibly be because this system uses only "first party" cookies on your own domain, which can't be blocked by users who implement tighter browser security settings or use third-party ad blocking or other software.

  • QWhat about things like cross-device and offline sales tracking. Is it hard to set up?

    It's not hard at all. All you have to do is make one small change to your opt-in or other lead capture form, and ClickMagick will do the rest. We also provide detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to set this up with all of the major autoresponders and CRMs, and of course we'll be here to help if you need it.

  • QHow will ClickMagick's Click Shield help me save money from day one?

    Whether it's your competitors trying to waste your ad budget, "click happy" users who click on your paid ad every time they want to visit your site, or "bots" clicking your ads, click fraud is a huge problem.

    And if you're currently running pay-per-click ads on Google or Bing, ClickMagick's Click Shield is almost guaranteed to save you more than the cost of ClickMagick in your very first month ...

    The way it works is that we allow you to set up specific rules to define the type of paid click behavior that's acceptable to your business, and what's not.

    Anyone who violates these rules is added to a custom blocklist, which is then used to prevent these users from even seeing your ads, so they can no longer repeatedly click on them and waste your ad budget.

    The end result is simple — your conversions stay the same, but your spend is guaranteed to go down.

  • QHow does Audience Optimization find me more customers at the lowest cost?

    As we talk about in the video at the top of this page, the major ad networks like Google and Facebook misattribute or just completely miss anywhere from 20-50% or more of your conversions.

    That means the stats in your ad network accounts are essentially useless, aside from showing your ad costs.

    Even worse, the ad network pixels you have on all your pages are actually feeding all of this bad conversion data back to the ad networks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    So now they're using this bad data to try to find you new customers ...

    Which means their algorithms are going to be a lot less efficient than they should be, and the end result is fewer new customers for you, and at a higher cost for what you do get.

    In short, ClickMagick's Audience Optimization fixes this problem.

    It allows you to feed your actual conversion data back to the ad networks, which allows their algorithms to find you even more and better customers at the absolutely lowest cost possible ...

    And this will dramatically increase your profit margins, and make it much easier to scale.

  • QI've heard your support is amazing. How do you do it?

    We know you're going to get stuck at times, and you're going to need help.

    And that's why we offer live chat support, and even phone support if necessary — so you can get your issue resolved quickly and get back to work growing your business and making money.

    Even for the most complex issues which require opening a ticket in our Helpdesk, we'll always get back to you within a few hours at most (usually it's just an hour or so).

    We know how frustrating it is when you submit a support ticket and wait 24 or 48 hours, and then when you finally get a reply it doesn't even actually help you ...

    And that's totally unacceptable to us. Our mission is to give you real solutions that get you unstuck fast.

    This will almost certainly be the best support you've ever received, from any company you've ever done business with — because our team consists of real marketers with years of experience — not low-paid, outsourced "customer support" reps who've never been in the trenches.

    Please note: None of this applies to our entry-level "Starter" plan, which includes 8-10 hour helpdesk support only. As much as we'd like to, we simply can not provide this level of support at $37 a month.

  • QHow is ClickMagick different from Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics does a good job of showing you how people use your site — they have lots of reports on things like most popular content, time on site, demographics, and that type of thing.

    But for real direct response marketing, Google Analytics has serious problems and limitations.

    If you're interested in the type of data mentioned above, by all means go ahead and use Google Analytics. But you'll definitely want to use another tracking system like ClickMagick as well.

    Here's just a handful of reasons why ...

    — Google Analytics makes it very difficult if not impossible to track and optimize ALL of your various advertising. With ClickMagick you can do it all in one place, saving lots of time and hassle.

    — Many Google advertisers find they're charged for clicks they didn't actually receive. ClickMagick can help you identify these click discrepancies and get refunds from Google.

    — Most people find Google Analytics to be pretty user-UNfriendly and a real pain to use — often having to dig through many, many levels of menus and set up complicated filters to get to the data you want to see. With ClickMagick, all the info you need to optimize your business is just a click or two away.

    — With Google Analytics, most of your stats are delayed by up to 24 hours. Even worse, if you get a lot of clicks, Google "samples" your data when you run reports which means you're not getting truly accurate reports. With ClickMagick, all of your stats and reports are real-time and 100% accurate.

    — ClickMagick provides dozens of profit-boosting features you just can't get from Google Analytics. Things like true cross-device tracking for all your advertising, the ability to easily track your offline sales, the ability to track your affiliate promotions, geotargeting and mobile optimization, 24/7 click fraud monitoring, and the list just goes on and on and on ...

    — Google Analytics doesn't provide much support when you run into problems or need help. To be honest, you'll be lucky to get anything other than a generic template reply a day or two later. On the other hand, here at ClickMagick we're known for our fanatical live chat and customer support.

    While lots and lots of sites do use Google Analytics, no serious website or web business uses only Google Analytics because it has serious problems and limitations. Use it if you want to learn more about how people are using your site, but when it comes to tracking your paid ads and just about everything else, you'll definitely want to use a tracking system created by and for direct response marketers, like ClickMagick.

  • QCan you tell me exactly how the free trial works?

    Of course. It's very simple and straightforward. Just click the big yellow button below to create your free account and you can use all of ClickMagick's profit-boosting features for a full 14 days.

    You will not be charged, and if you decide ClickMagick isn't for you, it's easy to cancel any time during your free trial either online, via email or via our Help Desk.

    There are no signup fees, cancellation fees, contracts or minimum terms. If you decide to keep using it you can use it for as short or as long as you want, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time.

  • QWhat is ClickMagick's refund policy?

    We guarantee ClickMagick will increase your online profits. Take it for a spin, get absolutely fanatical support, and if you don't love it just cancel any time during your free trial and you'll owe nothing.

    Even if you're past your trial or you forget to cancel, if you don't love ClickMagick then we don't want your money. If you're not thrilled with ClickMagick just let us know and you can also get a "no questions asked" 30-day money back refund at any time.