Hyros Print Tracking vs. ClickMagick

Forget the marketing hype. Let’s talk about the facts ...
  • Hi, I’m Patrick — the founder of ClickMagick.

    We get asked all the time how ClickMagick compares to Hyros, so it’s time to set the record straight.

    Let’s compare Hyros vs. ClickMagick in 10 different areas like tracking accuracy, attribution and ad optimization, customer support, pricing and value so you can make the best decision for your business.

    If you want to know how Hyros compares to ClickMagick, here are the facts you need to know ...

    Patrick Kelly, Founder
  • Click Tracking

    ClickMagick has industry-leading bot filtering. Hyros has none.

    Hyros “Print Tracking” is based on first-party cookies, IPs and server-side tracking. There’s nothing proprietary or special about it. These are the same methods used by ClickMagick and other modern tracking solutions.

    Hyros also claims to have “the highest level of accuracy” ...

    ... but you can’t even begin to talk about accurate stats until you first filter out all the bots, crawlers and other automated clicks that pollute your stats ...

    And Hyros doesn’t do that in any meaningful way at all.

    On the other hand, ClickMagick has the most advanced bot filtering system of its kind — trained on billions and billions of clicks over the past 10 years.

    No other tracking app even comes close to ClickMagick’s bot filtering.

    Unlike Hyros which counts bot clicks the same as human clicks, we “flag” and separate bot and other automated clicks from your main stats so you truly do get the highest level of accuracy with ClickMagick.

  • Conversion Attribution

    We’ve been perfecting accurate attribution for over 10 years.

    Both Hyros and ClickMagick build “visitor profiles” to track everything your visitors do — things like clicking an ad, opting in, or making a purchase.

    It sounds simple, but there’s a lot that goes in to doing this accurately — and there’s no substitute for experience.

    Here at ClickMagick we’ve been perfecting accurate attribution for over 10 years now — based on the billions of clicks and sales we’ve processed for over 100,000 businesses.

    Hyros claims to use an “AI attribution system.” But Hyros does exactly what it has been programmed to do by humans. There’s no AI, and there’s nothing special about Hyros when it comes to attribution.

    Hyros has only been around about 4 years. They have a fraction of the experience and customers we have.

    At best, Hyros is on par with ClickMagick when it comes to accurate attribution. And that’s being generous.

  • Stats & Reporting

    ClickMagick gives you one-of-a-kind stats and more visual reporting.

    Hyros doesn’t filter out bots and other fake clicks, so the accuracy of their stats is questionable for this reason alone.

    There’s also a few things you get with ClickMagick you don’t get with Hyros ...

    Like ROAS24, which tells you if you’re losing money, breaking even, or making money on the frontend of your funnel.

    ClickMagick has better and more visual reporting as well.

    For example, in ClickMagick you can see a visual “user journey” for any visitor, showing a timeline of all their clicks, purchases and other activity.

    There’s also our Funnel Steps Report which paints a visual picture of the different paths visitors take through your funnel, and gives you the data you need to optimize your funnel for the most profitable paths ...

    And our LTV report which reveals exactly how much a customer is worth, for any traffic source, over any period of time.

    You don’t get these kinds of visual reports with Hyros at all.

  • Ad Optimization

    Only ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ allows you to create advanced rules.

    Both Hyros and ClickMagick send conversions back to your ad networks so they can better optimize your ads ...

    But only ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ allows you to create advanced rules and gives you full control over how your various conversions are sent to your various ad network pixels.

    This allows you to, for example, send your opt-ins to one pixel and your sales to another pixel, or send low ticket buyers and high ticket buyers to different pixels — allowing you to optimize campaigns for different objectives ...

    And you just can’t do any of this type of thing with Hyros.

    ClickMagick also allows you to achieve the highest “match scores” possible.

    For example, when sending conversions to Facebook you can send up to 15 customer data points. ClickMagick lets you send all 15, but Hyros only sends 6.

    And sending more data is always going to generate higher match scores and lead to better ad optimization.

  • Click Fraud Protection

    Only ClickMagick ClickShield™ protects your ad budget.

    Despite the ad networks’ best efforts, the bots I mentioned earlier are even “clicking” your paid ads.

    Then you’ve got competitors, and other people doing “market research” clicking your ads ...

    And even your own existing users who search for you on Google and click your paid ad every time they want to get back to your site — which happens more often than you can imagine, and is costing you a small fortune.

    Hyros does nothing to protect you from any of this.

    But ClickMagick ClickShield™ protects your ad budget by allowing you to set up simple rules to define the type of click behavior that’s acceptable to your business, and block the rest ...

    Which means less ad spend for the same number of conversions.

  • Tracking links

    Hyros doesn’t provide these types of Tracking Links at all.

    Tracking Links are used to create pretty “short links,” and are often used when promoting your business via social media, SMS, email or anywhere else your URLs are visible. For example, taking this long, ugly tracking URL:

    And turning it in to something nice like this:

    And ClickMagick has the best Tracking Links in the industry.

    You can use your own custom domains, send traffic to different URLs based on device type or location, or even create a password-protected Tracking Link.

    Hyros doesn’t provide these types of Tracking Links at all.

  • Affiliate
    Marketing Tools

    Only ClickMagick helps you track and scale affiliate promotions.

    Granted, Hyros isn’t really meant for affiliates ...

    But if you do promote any affiliate offers at all you’re out of luck with Hyros. With Hyros you can’t even track basic things like ClickBank affiliate sales.

    ClickMagick on the other hand has you covered. If you ever do need to track affiliate sales, ClickMagick is integrated with 100+ of the most popular affiliate networks, and we also integrate with any private affiliate programs that offer industry-standard server-to-server, “postback,” or Sub-ID tracking.

    ClickMagick provides all the tools you need to easily track, optimize and scale your affiliate promotions.

  • API & Zapier Integration

    ClickMagick has a more robust API, and a deeper Zapier integration.

    If you need to integrate your tracking and attribution solution with the other marketing apps you use, you should know that ClickMagick has a much more robust Zapier integration, and a much more robust API.

    Hyros’ Zapier integration provides just 2 triggers — a call or a sale.

    ClickMagick’s Zapier integration on the other hand offers lots more triggers, allowing you to trigger an automation when someone opts in on your site for example. You can’t do that sort of thing with Hyros.

    The Hyros API is also similarly limited.

    You can do basic things like retrieve a lead or sale, but you can’t retrieve all your click data or request detailed stats about specific ads or campaigns like you can with ClickMagick’s API for example.

  • Customer Support

    ClickMagick has helped over 100,000 businesses fix their tracking issues.

    ClickMagick’s customer support is well-known for being excellent, and from ex-Hyros users I’ve talked with, Hyros’ customer support is also pretty good. I really wish this were true of more online services ...

    At ClickMagick, we offer onboarding calls, live chat, fast responses to tickets submitted in our help desk, and even Zoom support if you need it.

    And we’ve helped over 100,000 businesses over the past 10 years.

    Each member of our support team has years of online marketing experience, we’ve seen every possible set up there is, and the bottom line is we’ve helped a lot more people fix their tracking issues than Hyros.

    Check out the hundreds of 5-star customer support reviews we have on TrustPilot and see for yourself ...

  • Pricing & Value

    If you generate just $100k a month, Hyros is 7x more expensive.

    ClickMagick offers fair and transparent pricing. Our Standard Plan at $149 per month is perfect for most small businesses. If you get more than 100,000 clicks a month you’ll need our Pro plan at $299 a month.

    With Hyros, you have to schedule a call with their sales reps to eventually learn that their prices are based on how much money you make ...

    A business generating only $40k a month in revenue has to pay $649 a month for Hyros as of their current pricing.

    And it goes up from there. Many customers report having to pay $2,000 a month or more for Hyros.

    To say that ClickMagick is the more affordable option, and provides more value, would be the understatement of the century.

  • Direct Call Tracking

    Only Hyros offers direct call tracking.

    There’s only one meaningful thing Hyros does better than ClickMagick — and that's direct call tracking.

    With ClickMagick you can integrate with popular call platforms like Ringba, but if visitors pick up the phone and call you directly from a phone number on your website, ClickMagick can’t help you track that.

    This type of direct call tracking requires a niche tracking app like Hyros, and it’s just not something that we currently offer.

    If you rely on this type of call tracking, Hyros is the better option for you.

The choice is clear

Obviously I’m biased, but these are the facts ...

Hyros relies on hyped up marketing and high prices, hoping you’ll make the mistake of assuming it must be better than ClickMagick since it costs so much more. Don’t fall for it.

ClickMagick is the affordable Hyros alternative and a much better option for the overwhelming majority of info marketers, coaches and consultants, ecommerce stores and small businesses of all types.

If you have any questions, think I missed something, or you think I’ve misrepresented anything, feel free to email me personally —

Patrick Kelly, Founder

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