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  • How quickly can I set up and integrate ClickMagick into my business?
    • To get started with ClickMagick Campaigns you just need to add the TrueTracking® code to your webpages, and add UTM parameters to the URLs you're promoting if you aren't already using them.

      We have tutorials showing how to do this with all popular page builders and ad networks, and this whole process shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes if you're comfortable with this type of thing.

      If you're brand new to online marketing and have never done any of this before, it will certainly take you a bit longer — but we have lots of tutorials and we make it easy as possible for you.

      Using some of our more advanced features does also require a bit more set up ...

      But here at ClickMagick we're known for our Fanatical Support ...

      And between our Live Chat, Helpdesk, and even "done with you" support, we've got you covered!

  • Okay, but what if I have a really complicated or custom set up?
    • Our team of real marketers has decades of combined online marketing experience.

      We've helped over 122,000 entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and small businesses to track and optimize their online marketing ...

      And we've seen every set up imaginable.

      Rest assured, if what you're doing can be tracked and optimized there's no one more qualified to help than ClickMagick.

  • Should I sign up if I'm brand new to online marketing?
    • ClickMagick can only help if you already have a website, landing page or online store that you're already sending traffic to, or one that you're ready to start promoting right now.

      If you're still setting up your web pages or still "learning the ropes" and you're not ready to start advertising right now, then you should wait and sign up for ClickMagick when you're ready.

logo General Tracking

  • Why can't I trust the stats I see in my ad network accounts, or other apps I use?
    • This is one of the best questions you could ask, congrats!

      This answer is a bit longer, but it's critically important that you understand this ...

      When it comes to tracking conversions it's important to understand that the raw numbers you see in your ad network accounts — like Facebook and Google Ads for example — are not accurate enough to base any decisions on.

      There are many reasons for this, and unfortunately many of them are ridiculously technical and impossible to easily explain in "layman's terms" ...

      But let's just talk about how the ad networks attribute conversions and handle cross-device tracking — because these are two of the biggest problems, and they'll be easy for you to understand.

      And this information goes for all ad networks, but we'll just talk about Google and Facebook in this example ...

      By default, Facebook uses a 1-day view and 7-day click through attribution window. Google, by default, uses a 1-day view and 30-day click through attribution window. Let's see what this means in the real world ...

      What this means is that if someone clicks your Facebook ad and then converts on your site within 7 days, Facebook will take "credit" for that conversion. But Google is doing the same thing. Consider this simple example:

      A user clicks your Facebook ad today, checks out your site, but does not convert. Five days from now they click your Google Ad and ultimately make a purchase.

      Let's see what your stats look like five days from now when that sale actually occurs ...

      Facebook is going to show that you had one sale for whatever Facebook ad the user clicked today.

      Google is going to show that you had one sale for whatever Google ad the user clicked right before they purchased.

      So you only had one sale, but according to Facebook and Google you had two sales — because they're both taking credit for the same sale.

      But wait, it gets even worse!

      You may not even realize this, but the default attribution settings for both Facebook Ads and Google Ads will cause them to take credit for conversions that occur even if a user doesn't actually click your ad.

      That's the "1-day view through" I mentioned earlier. And here's another scary example about how that works ...

      If your Facebook ad is displayed in a user's feed today, then tomorrow they search you up on Google and click your Google Ad and ultimately make a purchase, Facebook is going to once again take credit for the sale.

      Even though the user didn't click your Facebook ad. Heck, there's a good chance the user didn't even see your Facebook ad, and yet Facebook takes credit for the sale.

      Now, let's talk about cross-device tracking for a second — which is the ability to accurately track a user or customer across all of the devices they use.

      In order to perform any type of cross device tracking, the ad platforms like Facebook and Google require the user to be logged in on all of their devices, all the time.

      Consider a user that clicks your Facebook ad on their phone for example ...

      Imagine that they click your ad, they opt in on your landing page, but then they get distracted and leave your site.

      A few days later they're using their desktop computer at work and check their email, and see an email from you. They click the link and ultimately end up buying something.

      That's great, except they weren't logged in to their personal Facebook account on their work computer so Facebook couldn't track them. This type of thing happens all day, every day.

      And on top of all of this, some browsers and security apps are now even actively and completely blocking the tracking codes from the major ad platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube.

      Obviously, this just makes everything that much worse and your stats that much more inaccurate.

      Not to mention Facebook using the ridiculously short 7-day attribution window.

      Just to be clear — this means that if someone clicks on your Facebook ad and doesn't buy within 7 days, those sales will never be tracked at all by Facebook!

      We could go on and on about all the other reasons your ad network conversion stats aren't correct, but it should already be pretty obvious — you simply cannot rely on the conversion stats in your ad accounts.

      There are obviously lots of factors involved, but the data shows that the major networks like Facebook and Google misattribute or just completely miss anywhere from 20-50% or more of your conversions ...

      ... which makes their stats literally useless.

      When it comes to the other apps that you use in your business — like your autoresponder or something like ClickFunnels for example — the answer is much simpler ...

      A lot of these apps are very good at what they do, but for them tracking is an afterthought. The tracking and the accuracy of the stats they provide, quite frankly, aren't even in the same universe as ClickMagick.

      ... and if you're relying on them to make marketing decisions you're making a very, very costly mistake.

  • So what exactly can I track and optimize with ClickMagick?
    • Unlike some other platforms that are only for Shopify stores, or only for Facebook ads, with ClickMagick you can literally track and optimize everything that you do online.

      You can track any traffic source. You can track your social media activity. You can track your emails ...

      And you can even track actions on your own site — for example a user clicking a specific button on a page.

      Not only that, but you can also optimize for any action or conversion that you want.

      For example, most of our competitors only allow you to send your sales conversions back to your ad networks ...

      But with ClickMagick you can optimize for sales, opt-ins, or anything else you can dream up.

  • I hear people have trouble with “tracking links” and ad networks. What's the story?
    • This is true. Over the years it has become more and more difficult to comply with all of the big ad networks' various rules and changes when using redirecting “tracking links” to track your ads.

      This is the whole reason we built ClickMagick Campaigns — a modern tracking solution that utilizes industry-standard UTM tracking parameters (created by Google) added to your own URLs for tracking.

      There are no tracking links or redirects involved and you send people directly to your own pages.

      This means that your ClickMagick stats are also as accurate as they can possibly be ...

      Because this uses only “first party” cookies on your own domain, which can't be blocked by users who implement tighter browser security settings or use third-party ad blocking or other software.

logo ClickMagick Highlights

  • How does Audience Optimization™ help find me more customers at the lowest cost?
    • As we talk about in the video on our homepage, the major ad networks like Google and Facebook misattribute or just completely miss anywhere from 20-50% or more of your conversions.

      That means the stats in your ad network accounts are essentially useless, aside from showing your ad costs.

      Even worse, the ad network pixels you have on all your pages are actually feeding all of this bad conversion data back to the ad networks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      So now they're using this bad data to try to find you new customers ...

      Which means their algorithms are going to be a lot less efficient than they should be, and the end result is fewer new customers for you, and at a higher cost for what you do get.

      In short, ClickMagick's Audience Optimization™ fixes this problem.

      It allows you to feed your actual conversion data back to the ad networks, which allows their algorithms to find you even more and better customers at the absolutely lowest cost possible ...

      And this will dramatically increase your profit margins, and make it much easier to scale.

  • How will ClickMagick's Click Shield™ help me save money from day one?
    • Whether it's your competitors trying to waste your ad budget, “click happy” users who click on your paid ad every time they want to visit your site, or “bots” clicking your ads, click fraud is a huge problem.

      And if you're currently running pay-per-click ads on Google or Bing, ClickMagick's Click Shield™ is almost guaranteed to save you more than the cost of ClickMagick in your very first month ...

      The way it works is that we allow you to set up specific rules to define the type of paid click behavior that's acceptable to your business, and what's not.

      Anyone who violates these rules is added to a custom blocklist, which is then used to prevent these users from even seeing your ads, so they can no longer repeatedly click on them and waste your ad budget.

      The end result is simple — your conversions stay the same, but your ad spend is guaranteed to go down.

  • How does ClickMagick protect me from "bots" and other fake clicks?
    • Depending on the source, experts say "bots" generate 40-50% of all Internet traffic.

      Whether it's something innocent like a search engine spider or "link checker" ...

      ... or a malicious bot designed to click on ads and waste your money ...

      TrueTracking® protects your stats and your ad budget better than anyone.

      We've been in the trenches battling "bots" as direct response marketers longer than anyone. With billions of clicks processed and analyzed, no other bot filtering system even comes close.

      Here's a simple test you can do yourself right now ...

      Take one of the URLs you're promoting and paste it into just about any other tool. For example, paste the URL into slack or just post it on Facebook.

      As soon as you do, their bots will generate a "click" to your URL to test it.

      Then go check your stats in your current tracking system ...

      It will almost certainly show that as a real click, which means your stats aren't even remotely accurate.

  • What about things like Cross-Device and Offline Sales Tracking ... is it hard to set up?
    • It's not hard at all. All you have to do is make one small change to your opt-in or other lead capture form, and ClickMagick will do the rest.

      We also provide detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to set this up with all of the major autoresponders and CRMs, and of course we'll be here to help if you need it.

  • I've heard your support is amazing. How do you do it?
    • We know you're going to get stuck at times, and you're going to need help.

      And that's why we offer live chat support, and even phone support if necessary — so you can get your issue resolved quickly and get back to work growing your business and making money.

      Even for the most complex issues which require opening a ticket in our Helpdesk, we'll always get back to you within a few hours at most (usually it's just an hour or so).

      We know how frustrating it is when you submit a support ticket and wait 24 or 48 hours, and then when you finally get a reply it doesn't even actually help you ...

      And that's totally unacceptable to us. Our mission is to give you real solutions that get you unstuck fast.

      Oftentimes, we'll even shoot a custom video, just for you, that walks you through the entire solution.

      This will almost certainly be the best support you've ever received, from any company you've ever done business with — because our team consists of real marketers with years of experience — not low-paid, outsourced “customer support” reps who've never been in the trenches.

logo iOS Tracking Issues

  • Is ClickMagick affected by the recent changes with iOS 14.5+ ?
    • Without getting technical, the short answer is no, not at all. Our three tracking systems — ClickMagick Campaigns, Tracking Links and Rotators — are all unaffected.

      Our primary tracking system, ClickMagick Campaigns, uses no redirects and only first-party cookies on your own domain. That means it will never be affected by these types of privacy-related changes.

      Even better, ClickMagick Campaigns with Audience Optimization™ automatically sends your actual conversion data back to the major ad networks — using Facebook's Conversion API, and Google's new "WBRAID" tracking parameter for example — resulting in improved optimization and increased ad performance.

      When it comes to privacy, the big “fight” right now is about tracking everything users do across the entire Internet and then sharing their data across other apps and websites for profit.

      Here at ClickMagick we have nothing to do with any of that. ClickMagick helps you track your own advertising and the traffic to your own website, which is something you have a fundamental right to do.

  • What should I know about tracking iOS users and Google Ads?
    • There's a massive amount of confusion among digital marketers right now regarding how the recent and ongoing iOS privacy-related changes affect Google Ad tracking and ad optimization.

      Here's all you really need to know ...

      As you can read about in another FAQ, the conversion attribution stats in your Google Ads account have never been accurate, they will never be accurate, and you should never rely on them.

      The whole iOS situation has just made things even worse, to the point where the conversion stats in your Google Ads account are effectively useless.

      The key is to simply acknowledge this and find a better solution.

      ClickMagick will instantly solve your Google Ads tracking problems, and you can literally forget about the whole thing.

      We'll even send your iOS conversions back to Google using their new "WBRAID" parameter, which will allow Google to optimize your ads for iOS users a lot better than they can with the bad data they have.

      And the end result for you is more high-quality customers, at the lowest cost possible.

  • What should I know about tracking iOS users and Facebook Ads?
    • There's a massive amount of confusion among digital marketers right now regarding how the recent and ongoing iOS privacy-related changes affect Facebook Ad tracking and ad optimization.

      Here's all you really need to know ...

      As you can read about in another FAQ, the conversion attribution stats in your Facebook Ads account have never been accurate, they will never be accurate, and you should never rely on them.

      The whole iOS situation has just made things even worse, to the point where the conversion stats in your Facebook Ads account are literally useless ...

      And Facebook alone can no longer effectively optimize your ads for iOS users.

      The good news is that ClickMagick can instantly solve your Facebook Ads tracking problems ...

      And while your competitors are wasting a whole bunch of time and resources trying to solve an unsolvable problem, you can forget about the whole thing forever.

      ClickMagick Audience Optimization™ will automatically send your accurate conversion data back to Facebook, leveraging first-party data from your site, which restores their ability to optimize your ads for iOS users — even in the absence of a Facebook Click ID if iOS users choose not to be tracked.

      And the end result for you is more high-quality customers, at the lowest cost possible.

logo ClickMagick vs. Others

  • How is ClickMagick different from Google Analytics?
    • Google Analytics does a good job of showing you how people use your site — they have lots of reports on things like your most popular content, time on site, demographics, and that type of thing.

      But for real direct response marketing, Google Analytics has serious problems and limitations.

      If you're interested in the type of data mentioned above, by all means go ahead and use Google Analytics. But you'll definitely want to use another tracking system like ClickMagick as well.

      We could write a short book about the differences, but here's just a handful of reasons why ...

      — Google Analytics makes it very difficult if not impossible to track and optimize ALL of your various advertising. With ClickMagick you can do it all in one place, saving lots of time and hassle.

      — Most people find Google Analytics to be pretty unfriendly and difficult to use — often having to dig through many, many levels of menus and set up complicated filters to get to the data you want to see. With ClickMagick, all the info you need to optimize your business is just a click or two away.

      — With Google Analytics, most of your stats are delayed by up to 24 hours. Even worse, if you get a lot of clicks, Google “samples” your data when you run reports which means you're not getting truly accurate reports. With ClickMagick, all of your stats and reports are real-time and 100% accurate.

      — ClickMagick provides dozens of profit-boosting features you just can't get from Google Analytics. Things like Audience Optimization™ and Click Shield™, the ability to easily track your offline sales, the ability to track your affiliate promotions, geotargeting and mobile optimization, 24/7 bot and click fraud protection, and the list goes on.

      — Google Analytics doesn't provide much support when you run into problems or need help. To be honest, you'll be lucky to get anything other than a generic template reply a day or two later. On the other hand, here at ClickMagick we're known for our fanatical live chat and customer support.

  • How does ClickMagick compare to its competitors?
    • Obviously we're biased, but ClickMagick has no real competitors.

      There's simply no other app that combines the accuracy of ClickMagick TrueTracking® ...

      With the quick and easy set up, and overall ease of use of ClickMagick ...

      With the ability to track and optimize any traffic source, with any marketing stack ...

      With our unbeatable Audience Optimization to help your ad networks optimize your ads ...

      With Click Shield™ to protect you from fraudulent clicks and "click happy" users ...

      With our best-in-class bot filtering you literally can't get anywhere else ...

      With our easy to use cross-device and offline sales tracking ...

      With our fanatical support from real marketers with decades of experience ...

      All at an affordable price that's about half of our competitors.

  • Why is ClickMagick so affordable compared to other options?
    • We're so focused on building an amazing product that we made the mistake of setting our initial pricing way too low in 2014. Then we didn't increase our prices as we added more features, and more value.

      But over the past 18 months we've been slowing increasing our prices to better reflect the value that ClickMagick provides (our closest competitors start at $400-500+ a month), and will continue to do so going forward.

      ClickMagick will never cost that much, and we'll never charge you based on your number of contacts or the amount of your ad spend like some of our competitors because we think that's just unreasonable ...

      But if you want to take advantage of our mistake, sign up today and you can lock in these low prices.

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