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Why was one of the URLs I entered rejected?

ClickMagick may not be used to promote sites that contain malware, phishing, or unwanted software downloads.

And in order to protect the “reputation” of our tracking domains, every URL you enter into the system is checked in real-time against Google’s SafeBrowsing list to make sure it doesn’t contain any of this bad stuff.

Please read the following information which explains what each error message means and how to solve the problem.

Suspected Phishing page - This page may be a forgery or imitation of another website, designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information. Entering any personal information on this page may result in identity theft or other abuse. You can find out more about phishing from

Suspected Malware - This page appears to contain malicious code that could be downloaded to your computer without your consent. You can learn more about harmful web content including viruses and other malicious code and how to protect your computer at the National Cyber Awareness System.

Unwanted Software - Attackers might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit). You can learn more about unwanted software at:

Advisory Provided by Google

Google works to provide the most accurate and up-to-date phishing, malware, and unwanted software information.

However, Google cannot guarantee that its information is comprehensive and error-free: some risky sites may not be identified, and some safe sites may be identified in error.

To learn more, including how to submit a report to Google if you feel one of your URLs is incorrectly listed, please see the Google Safe Browsing FAQ.

Resubmitting Your URL to ClickMagick

We’ve found Google’s SafeBrowsing system to be extremely accurate, so in order to add a blocked URL to ClickMagick you must first fix the problem and then request a de-listing with Google as explained in the Google Safe Browsing FAQ.

Once Google’s system indicates your URL no longer contains malware, phishing or unwanted software downloads, you’ll be able to add it to ClickMagick.

While no exceptions can be made to this policy, we invite you to contact our Helpdesk if you have any questions.

Article 108 Last updated: 05/28/2020 5:14:13 AM