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How do I set up a basic Tracking Link or “short link?”

Setting up a tracking link is quick, easy, and even fun! 

Check out the instructions below to create your first Tracking Link.

To set up a very basic tracking link go to the Links page and click on the button that says “Create a New Link”.

From there all you need to do to create a fully functioning tracking link is to enter the “Primary URL,” which is the URL you want users to be redirected to when they click on your tracking link:

You can leave all the other settings blank and the system will automatically generate a Link Name and Link Slug for you by randomly choosing a combination of letters and numbers, like this:[USERNAME]/16sd3r

By promoting this tracking link, your clicks will first come to ClickMagick where they can recorded, then be automatically redirected to the Primary URL.

In the link above, the /16sd3r part is called a “link slug” (or “rotator link slug” if you’re creating a rotator link), and it will be created automatically if you don’t explicitly enter one.

More often than not, you’ll probably want to choose a meaningful link slug, such as these:[USERNAME]/page1[USERNAME]/specialoffer


The link slug must be between 4 and 20 characters and can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens.

There are tons of additional settings and features when setting up links, but creating a basic link is as simple as entering the Primary URL you want users redirected to, and optionally entering the link slug if you don’t want it to be randomly generated.
Caution: When you create a link, you’ll be asked for both a “friendly” Link Name and for a Link Slug. Both of these must be unique or you will get an error message about trying to create a duplicate entry. If you get this error message, just rename either the friendly Link Name or the link slug.

How Do I Set Up a Custom Tracking Domain?

If you want to use a custom domain for branding purposes you can easily set that up with ClickMagick.

Also, if you’re planning to use tracking links on Facebook or in email messages, then you need to use a custom tracking domain.

Setting up a custom tracking domain is a one-time setup and is relatively simple to do. Just follow the steps in this article:

How do I set up a secure custom tracking domain?
Tip: ClickMagick works great as a link shortener, especially if you create a short custom domain for your tracking links. For full details check out this article:
Can I use ClickMagick to shorten links?

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