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What are some optional affiliate network tokens I can use?

If you’re using Postback URLs to have your affiliate conversion data sent to your ClickMagick account, you’ll need to modify your Postback URLs to include the appropriate tokens used by your affiliate network.

If you look in the Tools menu at the top of any page of your account you’ll also find our Postback URL Tool which lists dozens of different Postback URLs for different networks that you can simply copy and use.

There is an optional ref= value that you can also set in your Postback URLs. Not all networks provide meaningful values to set ref= to, but here’s a table of optional settings you might want to use. Just add the token right after the ref= in the Postback URL. For example: …&ref=#OFFID#
MaxBounty   #OFFID#
Offer ID
Perform (ClickBooth)   {}
Offer ID
AboveAllOffers, Cash Network, GlobalWide Media, A4D, C2M
Lead ID
Transaction ID
Offer ID
Campaign ID
CPAWay   #cid#
Campaign ID
HitPath networks
Transaction ID
Random number
Creative ID
Campaign ID,
LinkTrust Networks
Campaign ID
Creative ID
Transaction ID
ExpertMobi   {{action_id}}
CJ / Commission Junction   {url(oid)}  

Many smaller affiliate networks use a platform called HasOffers. Some of these affiliate networks include Affiliaxe, Beeoption, BlackFox, KissMyAds, Mobidealer, PerformanceRevenues, YeahMobile, ActionAds, Adsup, Mobileader, Tapgerine, and so on.

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