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Can you explain in more detail what an “Abuser” is?

An “Abuser” is a web surfer who has exhibited abnormal and highly suspicious click patterns.

For example, loading the same tracking link 30 times in one minute or clicking 30 different tracking links in one minute.

This can happen with any traffic source, but it’s most commonly seen when you buy “solo ad” clicks.

Normally, “Abusers” are people who have gone out of their way to prevent our system from tracking them properly—by turning off cookies and JavaScript in their browser, surfing in “incognito” or “private” mode, etc. They do this in order to generate multiple “unique” clicks to your tracking links.

If you click on the number in the FC (Flagged Clicks) column of your link, you can download the clicks and sort them by IP address.

You’ll almost always see 10-50+ clicks from the same IP in a short period of time.

In ClickMagick, you can also click on the IP address for any click and view the history of that IP. You’ll often find that the same IPs are “clicking” over and over on other ClickMagick users’ links as well.

Solo Ads

If you’re buying solo ads and you’re seeing a lot of flagged “Abuser” clicks from a particular seller, there are really only two possible explanations …

The first and most common explanation is that they are scamming you.

They could have hired a “bot net” to generate the fake clicks, they could be paying people to repeatedly click your link over and over, they could be doing any number of other things…

If your seller is legitimate, the only other possible explanation is that someone else is sending THEM the bogus clicks and they’re unknowingly passing the bad clicks on to you.

Either way, no reputable solo seller should expect you to pay for these clicks, and you should never pay for multiple clicks from the same visitors to the same tracking link in a short period of time, e.g., 24 hours.

Flagging Clicks

Because clicks from “Abusers” do represent real clicks from real people, ClickMagick does NOT—by default—flag or block these clicks. It’s up to you how you want ot handle them …

… but if you’re selling solo ads or want to send only high quality traffic to your links, you should block “Abuser” clicks or at least flag them so that even though the clicks are still sent to your buyer, they are separated from your UC counts, guaranteeing that they will not count against the number of unique clicks you promised your buyer.

As with all the other types of potential “bad” clicks, you can choose your flagging settings in the Advanced Settings of any link or rotator.

You can also set system defaults for “bad” clicks in your Account Settings which will be used whenever you create a new link or rotator.

Article 122 Last updated: 11/25/2019 1:35:45 PM