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What if my “Actions” don’t match my autoresponder?

A typical email opt-in page will be followed by a “Thank You” page that has an Action pixel to record the number of people who subscribe to the email list.

If the number of Actions being reported in ClickMagick doesn’t match up with your autoresponder stats, it’s for one or more of these reasons …
1.    You’re Looking at Different Date Ranges

The very first thing to check is that you’re comparing the same range of dates between ClickMagick and your Autoresponder. If you’re looking at “Today’s” stats in your autoresponder, but looking at your “All Time” stats in ClickMagick, that’s usually not going to work… You can set the date range in ClickMagick by using the drop-down menu near the top of the page.
2.    Duplicate Autoresponder Signups

Oftentimes people will opt-in to your list multiple times using different email addresses.

If someone opts-in twice with two different emails, this will show up as two new subscribers in your autoresponder, but only one “Action” will be recorded because ClickMagick will recognize that the “Action” is from the same visitor.
3.    Existing Visitors Going Through Your Funnel Again

Similarly, someone who has already subscribed to your list may add themselves to your list again in order to get access to whatever content you offer after they opt-in again.

The default settings for most autoresponders is to send repeat subscribers through to the next page as you’d want.

However, if the user has already subscribed to your list, the autoresponder will NOT add the email address to your list a second time, but it WILL generate a new conversion in ClickMagick if that user hasn’t already been counted in ClickMagick.

This can happen if they had already opted-in to your list before you started tracking with ClickMagick.
4.    Visitors Not Reaching the Proper “Thank You” Page

Another possible reason is that you have a leak in your tracking, meaning that some of your visitors are somehow opting in to your list but not reaching a “thank you” page with a valid ClickMagick tracking pixel.

Go through all of your pages, links, etc. and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Also, keep in mind that depending on the system you’re using, if you’re requiring users to double opt-in they probably won’t see your “thank you” page with the tracking pixel until they confirm their opt-in—so make sure you’re looking at the right data.
5.    Visitors Reaching the “Thank You” Page Without Opting-In

The opposite is also possible – you could have users somehow reaching your “Thank You” page with your tracking pixel without actually subscribing to your list.

This would generate a conversion in ClickMagick but not a new subscriber in your autoresponder.
6.    There’s Something Wrong With Your “Thank You” Page

There could be something wrong with your “Thank You” page causing certain visitors’ opt-ins to not be recorded.

Your website could be loading too slowly, you could have an intermittent glitch or problem somewhere that is causing the page to not load properly at times, or any number of other technical issues.

These are really the only possible explanations.

If you’re seeing a large discrepancy, you’ll just have to go through each of the above scenarios and try to figure out what’s causing the problem.

This could end up being a bunch of work, but please do your best to figure this out yourself. Because we don’t know exactly what you’re doing and don’t have access to your setup it may be impossible for us to help you figure out the problem.

With that being said, if you’ve done everything you can and you’re still stuck, please contact our Helpdesk with all the details and we’ll do our best to help.

Be sure to include as many specific details as you can, and fully described what you’ve already done to try to figure out the problem. Thanks!
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