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What is the IP Manager used for?

The IP Manager is found in the Tools menu at the top of any page, and this is where you can manually enter “bad” IP addresses or IP address ranges that you want to flag or block for your Tracking Links and Rotators.

For example, once you have tracking links set up you may want to flag your own IP address so that you don’t mess up your stats when you load or test your own pages, etc.

Or perhaps you’re getting a ton of fake clicks from an IP address that the ClickMagick system either hasn’t learned about yet, or one we can’t flag globally because it’s a dynamic residential IP address used by real people.

To add a single IP address just enter it in the “From IP” box. If you want to add a range of IPs, enter both the “From IP” and the “To IP” to define the range of IP addresses you want to flag or block.

Clicks from the IPs you enter in the IP Manager will then be either flagged or blocked, based on your setting for “User” IPs which you can set in your Account Settings, or on a per-link basis.

Article 128 Last updated: 07/20/2021 12:15:54 PM