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How do I track my individual PPC Keywords?

If you’re bidding on PPC keywords you’ll generally want to track each keyword individually so you can see which keywords are making you money, and which are not.

To do this you’ll want to use the {keyword} or other similar token made available by your ad platform. For example, here are the available tokens for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads:

What are the ad network tokens I can use in my URLs?

For instructions on how to use this token to track your keywords, follow the steps below …

Using Campaigns, just set the utm_term parameter in your URL to {keyword} e.g. utm_term={keyword}

When you do this, the {keyword} token will be automatically replaced with the actual keyword by the ad network when someone clicks on your ad. For example, {keyword} might be replaced with buy+blue+widget

Then when it comes to reporting you can use the Campaigns UTM Performance Report to view your Stats By utm_term, which will show all of your stats broken down for each individual keyword.


To learn more about tracking your ads on the major ad networks, check out the article below:

How do I track my ads on the major ad networks?

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