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What should I keep in mind when I have trouble?

If you’re new to tracking, or online marketing in general, you’re probably going to run into some “problems” here and there while using ClickMagick.

When you do, it’ll help to keep the following in mind …

1. It’s totally normal to have problems.

This “stuff” can get a bit technical at times, so just know that what you’re going through is very normal and it’s just part of the process and your online marketing education.

It’s like riding a bike. No one has ever learned to ride a bike without falling at least a few times first.

2. It probably isn’t a problem with ClickMagick.

For whatever reason, some new users immediately think there’s a problem with ClickMagick every time they see something or get a result that they don’t understand.

Now we’re all human here at ClickMagick, but we’re ridiculously passionate about what we do and the honest truth is that we just don’t “mess up” very often.

The simple fact is that 999 out of 1,000 times it’s going to be a problem on your end, not ours.

So when you run into trouble, please don’t immediately assume it’s a problem with ClickMagick because doing so is only going to delay the ultimate resolution.

After many 1,000s of support tickets we’ve found that most of the time the user could have figured out their own problem in 5 or 10 minutes if they had just searched the Knowledge Base articles, watched a tutorial, or just really thought about and tried to figure out their own problem …

… rather than immediately assuming it’s a problem on our end, submitting a support ticket, waiting the average of 5-6 hours it takes for us to respond, and then possibly having to go back and forth several times to get the information we need to help you figure out your problem.

3. We’re here to help!

We love helping our customers because we know that every time we do, it means their business probably just got a tiny bit better or more profitable.

So keep all of the above in mind, but don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket any time.

Whether you’ve spent 3 hours or 3 seconds trying to figure out your problem, we promise to do our best to help you get it figured out.

Article 136 Last updated: 11/01/2020 5:03:17 PM