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Can I pass an email address to my tracking link?

You can “manually” pass any data you want to your tracking links by simply appending Sub-IDs to the end of any tracking link as described in the article below:
Can I use Sub-IDs with my tracking links?

… but ClickMagick will also automatically look for email addresses in the “query string” of all requests, and if it finds an email address it will automatically populate the first available Sub-ID with this email.

For example, with Aweber you can enable a feature that’ll add the user’s email address to the end of your “thank you” page URL. When you do, Aweber will redirect the user to a URL that looks like this:
Tip: %40 is the URL-encoded form of the @ symbol.

So as long as you enable this feature in Aweber or any other similar features in other 3rd-party systems, and you make sure to redirect users to a ClickMagick tracking link, this is how you can get users’ email addresses into ClickMagick in the form of Sub-IDs even if the other system doesn’t provide tokens for doing so.

You might find this useful for all sorts of things. For example, the user that suggested this feature is using the email address as a way to manually track back-end phone sales that couldn’t otherwise be tracked in their situation.

Article 139 Last updated: 02/01/2021 8:09:19 AM