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Can I track my Amazon sales with ClickMagick?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t make this easy or efficient to track sales, but it is possible.

Because you can’t use tracking pixels or Postback URLs Amazon, the only type of conversion tracking you can do with Amazon is with sub-IDs, or what they call “Tracking IDs.”

You can learn more about the Amazon side of things, and how to set up Amazon Tracking IDs, by referring to their documentation here: Associates Central — Using Tracking IDs

On the ClickMagick side, you’ll need to pass meaningful Tracking ID values to your Amazon affiliate links so you can see which tracking links or traffic sources are generating your Amazon sales.

To learn how to do that, simply review this tutorial:

How do I track affiliate conversions using Sub-IDs?

Article 148 Last updated: 07/10/2021 11:38:23 AM