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Why is a ClickMagick domain blocklisted?

ClickMagick’s generic tracking domains are approved by most “big” sites like Google and Facebook.

But occasionally or will temporarily end up on one of the various anti-spam blocklists because one of our users sent “spam” …

… or because the blocklist maintainer made a mistake (known as a “false positive”), which is also common.

We monitor all the major blocklists, and any time a domain is blocklisted we’re usually able to take care of it within hours, so this should never really be a problem.

If one of our generic domains IS indeed blocklisted and it’s preventing you from doing something or causing you a problem, just wait a few hours and the problem will usually be resolved. If not, contact us for an update.

The easiest way to avoid being affected in the rare time when one of our domains is temporarily blocklisted is to use your own custom tracking domain. There are several great benefits of using a custom domain and it’s really easy to set one up, so it’s well worth doing. You can read all about it in this article:

How do I set up a secure custom tracking domain?

A Note About URIBL

URIBL is a real-time URI blocklist, which means it’s fully automated. And it has TONS of “false positives” because they don’t actually verify if an email is truly spam or not.

This is the only blocklist that our domains are regularly listed on, and there’s just nothing we can do about it because their “service” is flat-out faulty.

Unfortunately some websites and services integrate it into their systems without really knowing how URIBL works – and how inaccurate it is.

Simply wait 2-12 hours and the problem will go away when the URIBL listing expires automatically.

If you use a service that monitors URIBL listings and this is frequently a problem for you, the solution is to simply set up a custom tracking domain.

Article 164 Last updated: 11/17/2020 6:10:02 PM