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How can I make a URL look unique?

For technical reasons, certain URLs within ClickMagick—for example a Rotator Backup URL—must be unique and not be used anywhere else.

If you need to use an existing URL somewhere else that requires a unique URL, you can make any URL unique-looking by simply adding a random “query string” to the end of the URL.

For example say this is the URL you want to use, but it’s already being used somewhere else:

You can make the above URL look unique—without changing its functionality—by simply adding a meaningless query string to it, such as ?foo=1:

If the URL already has a query string, you can simply add another &name=value pair to the end of it to create a unique link. For example, suppose you already have this link which has the existing query string ?newvisitor=yes:

In this case you’d just add an additional query string parameter to the end like this:

Adding an extra query string parameter doesn’t change the functionality of the link in any way, but it does make the link appear to be different.
Tip: For a quick overview on query strings and how to add or modify them, check out this article:
What is a “query string”?

Article 213 Last updated: 11/01/2020 4:01:33 PM