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Can I use ClickMagick tracking links in my emails?

Absolutely. Great idea. You definitely should! But there are two little things you need to do first …
1.    Read our Anti-Spam Policy

First of all, before you send any emails with tracking links, please read our Official Anti-Spam Policy. Our anti-spam policy is simple and fair, but we’re very strict when it comes to enforcing it because spam hurts everyone.
2.    Set Up a Custom Tracking Domain

If you want to use tracking links in emails, you’ll need to first set up a custom tracking domain.

You may not, under any circumstances, use our generic tracking domains or in any emails that you send. If you’re going to send tracking links in email messages, you must use your own custom tracking domain. But don’t worry, setting up your own custom domain only takes a few minutes and is fully explained in this article:

How do I set up a secure custom tracking domain?

Why It’s Smart to Use a Custom Tracking Domain

If thousands of users were to send emails all containing links using our generic tracking domains, the domains would quickly end up on various email “blocklists.” That’s simply because no matter how hard we try to enforce the anti-spam policy, there are going to be people who spam anyway. And once one of these people gets the domain tagged as a spammer, everybody gets tagged as a spammer until the situation gets straightened out.

Experienced online marketers learned long ago to protect themselves by never sharing a domain with other online marketers. It’s considered a “best practice.” That way, if another marketer does something unethical and gets a domain banned or blocklisted, it doesn’t affect you.

This has nothing to do with ClickMagick specifically. If you’re using any type of service where you’re sharing the same domain with other marketers, you should consider using a custom domain to protect yourself. It’s just a smart thing to do.

In addition to that, a relevant custom domain will absolutely help to increase clicks on your links, and that helps you make more money.

Setting up a custom tracking domain is quick and easy, and once you’ve done it you’ll never have to worry about your emails being marked as spam unless you send spam yourself.

To set up a custom tracking domain, start with this article:

How do I set up a secure custom tracking domain?

How is this Important Rule Enforced?

We have our own monitoring systems, and we also use 3rd-party monitoring systems.

Once we’ve detected that you’re using ClickMagick’s generic domains in emails (or on social media sites also), you will receive a single warning, after which we’ll have no choice but to cancel your account … please make sure you use a custom domain with any tracking links used in emails (and social media).


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