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What is my username, UID number, account ID, or account URL?

With ClickMagick, you can have two different accounts, your User account and your Affiliate account. Your account “ID” in both cases is simply the username you used to create each account. You can find both by clicking on the Account icon at the top-right of every page: 

User Account

If you’re logged into your regular ClickMagick account right now, your username is: [USERNAME]

Your username will be used in your tracking and rotator links. For example, your generic tracking link URL will be:[USERNAME]/...

You can change your username at any time by following the steps in this article:
Can I change my ClickMagick username?

User Account “UID” number

The UID number is an internal user ID for your account and is used primarily with tracking pixels and Postback URLs.

Normally, you would never need to worry about the UID for your account, but if you need to see what your UID number is, the easiest way is to go to the Pixel Builder and look at the uid= value in the pixel that it automatically generates for you.

But since you’re curious, the UID for the “[USERNAME]” account is: [USERID]

Affiliate Account

Your Affiliate link uses your Affiliate username and looks like this:
Just replace affiliate_username with the username you used to create your Affiliate account.
Note: Your ClickMagick username and your ClickMagick Affiliate username can be the same, but they don’t need to be. Don’t just assume that your Affiliate username is the same as your regular username. If the two are different, and you use your regular username in the affiliate link, you will not be credited with any sales that are made.

Before you do any marketing for ClickMagick, double-check your Affiliate username by logging into your affiliate account using your email address and looking at the top of the page to see your Affiliate link.

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