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Can I use Postback URLs for Actions and Engagements?

Yep. ClickMagick fully supports postback URLs for actions and engagements. The Postback URL Tool in the Tools menu shows dozens of personalized Sales Postback URLs for popular affiliate networks, but those Sales Postback URLs can easily be changed to track Actions and Engagements instead. Here’s how ...

Take a look at this generic Postback URL for a sale. In particular, notice the bolded /s/ in it:[USERID]&s1={TRACKID}&amt=0.00&ref=

To turn that Postback URL into an Action Postback URL, simply change the /s/ to an /a/:[USERID]&s1={TRACKID}&amt=0.00&ref=

For an Engagement Postback URL, change the /s/ to an /e/:[USERID]&s1={TRACKID}&amt=0.00&ref=
Caution: You cannot use the URLs shown above because the {TRACKID} value must be replaced with the actual token that your network uses. The easiest way to create a correct Postback URL for your network is to go to the Postback URL Tool, copy a Sales Postback URL from there, then change the Sales Postback URL to use an “a” or an “e” instead of an “s”, as explained.

If your network is not shown in the Postback URL Tool, you can manually create your Postback URL by following the instructions here, again, replacing the “s” with an “a” or an “e”:

How do I track sales using Postback URLs?
Note: Since using Postbacks for Actions or Engagements is rare and used only by experienced marketers, if you find yourself wanting to do this and you’re still pretty new to tracking, it could be that you’re trying to do something “the hard way.” You might want to contact our live chat or Helpdesk to verify your approach.

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