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Where do I get my commission information for taxes?

All “payment settlement entities”, including PayPal, are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide information to the IRS about vendors and affiliates who receive electronic payments.

Since we only pay commissions via PayPal, we are not required to provide you with any tax related documents – such as a 1099-MISC form that you might be curious about – so you won’t receive anything from ClickMagick.

Instead, you’ll receive a 1099-K form from PayPal which details the commissions you’ve earned and the exact amount that PayPal will be reporting to the IRS, if applicable.

The PayPal page below has all the details and answers to common questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact PayPal directly:

PayPal: Common US IRS Tax Questions 1099K, B-Notice, and FATCA

Article 282 Last updated: 08/12/2020 7:19:43 AM