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How do I cancel my affiliate account?

ClickMagick has two separate types of accounts – a user account where you’re billed for using the ClickMagick service, and an affiliate account where you can earn commissions for promoting the ClickMagick service.

If you want to cancel your ClickMagick user account—the one where you’re billed for using the service—you can do that by following the steps here:

What if I want to cancel my account?

There’s no real reason to cancel your affiliate account which is why you probably couldn’t find a way to do that from inside the affiliate dashboard. It doesn’t cost anything, and we never send emails to our affiliates.

Rather than cancel your affiliate account, we suggest keeping it in case you choose to promote ClickMagick again in the future. That way, no one will have taken your chosen username—it’ll still be there waiting for you.

If you ever want to change your affiliate username or you really do want us to cancel your affiliate account, simply contact us at our Helpdesk which you can find in the Help menu at the top of every page.

Article 293 Last updated: 11/16/2020 2:53:33 PM