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What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Changing your plan is really simple. First, go to the Billing Page by clicking on the Account menu  at the top of any page. From there, just click on “Change Subscription” and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, as well as change your billing information.

As a reminder, if you’re nearing the monthly click limit of your plan, ClickMagick will automatically send you an email alerting you to that, and if you go over the click limit, ClickMagick will automatically upgrade you so that you don’t miss any traffic and lose potential sales.

We do give you a 10% “cushion” though …

So for example, if you’re on the Starter plan with 10,000 clicks a month you really get up to 11,000 clicks before the system will upgrade you to the Standard plan.

If you’ve been upgraded automatically, you will remain at that new plan level unless you manually downgrade your plan which you can do from your Billing Page …

So if you like ClickMagick and plan on using it awhile, consider switching to a yearly plan to take advantage of the yearly discount and save money.

1.    If you change from one plan to another plan with the same billing cycle (i.e. from a monthly plan to another monthly plan), your billing date will remain the same and our system will automatically generate a prorated invoice.
2.    If you change from a monthly plan to a yearly plan, or vice-versa, your new billing date will become the day you make the switch. The system will credit you for the remaining time on your current subscription, and immediately charge you for the new subscription.
3.    If you downgrade your subscription, you’ll receive a credit if applicable. This credit will be applied to your future invoices, or you can also request a refund of your credit balance at any time.
4.    If you downgrade to the Starter plan you will also lose access to all of our Paid Traffic Courses. If you were thinking of downgrading only temporarily, consider using that downtime to study additional courses.

Article 31 Last updated: 05/21/2022 8:37:54 AM