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How can I verify who my affiliate referrer is?

The person who referred you to ClickMagick will have a record of your subscription in their affiliate back office—provided that you used their affiliate link to sign up for ClickMagick.

If they don’t show you in their affiliate stats, you can have them assigned as your referrer by contacting our Helpdesk, which you can find at any time in the Help menu at the top of every page. Just keep in mind that they will not get credit for any past payments that you have already made.
Note: If someone else is already listed as your referrer, that cannot be changed. If this has happened, it means that you somehow used this other person’s affiliate link by mistake when you signed up. The only way to change referrers in this case is to cancel your existing account and create a new one using the correct affiliate link.

Article 311 Last updated: 11/01/2020 4:05:26 PM