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What’s a Postback URL vs. a Custom Postback?

There are two types of Postbacks that ClickMagick supports, those that are posted back to ClickMagick, and those that ClickMagick posts back to other services, typically traffic sources. You can see this graphically here:


While both of the Postbacks are called the same thing, you need to set them up quite differently.

In ClickMagick terminology, when ClickMagick is sending a postback back to another service, that’s called a “Custom Postback”. On the other hand, when a sale is made and a Postback is sent back to ClickMagick, they are called “Postback URLs.”

As long as you keep the diagram above in mind, you shouldn’t have trouble keeping the two types of Postbacks straight.

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Article 317 Last updated: 08/10/2022 4:44:44 PM