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What do I need to know about GDPR compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

GDPR has robust requirements and obligations for both data collectors (you) and data processors (us), and we’re committed to helping our customers continue to use ClickMagick in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Here’s what we’ve done recently as a company, and to help you, in regards to GDPR:
1.    We’ve made several small updates to our Privacy Policy at to address the GDPR requirements, as well as the addition of an entirely new section titled “What information does ClickMagick collect from Customers’ Users?” The new section is written in plain English and it’s easy to understand. We strongly encourage you to give it a quick read so you’re up to date on our Privacy Policy.
2.    We’ve made similar updates to our Terms of Service at – most notably the addition of a new section titled “Your Obligations Regarding Your Visitors’ Data”. We would also encourage you to give this a quick read so you understand your obligations in regards to the GDPR.
3.    We’ve implemented a new GDPR Data Processing Addendum which, effective immediately, becomes part of our Terms of Service. It’s located at and, in short, the purpose of this new addendum is to reflect our agreement about how we process your users’ Personal Data.

So just give it to me straight—what does all this mean to me?

By now you’ve probably been inundated with information about GDPR from all of the different companies that you do business with, so we’re not going to cover the basics of GDPR here.

But in a nutshell, what this means in regards to ClickMagick is pretty simple …

We’re not going to police what you do or don’t do, because that’s not our job. But, if you’re subject to the GDPR, we expect that you’ll make the necessary changes in your business to be compliant, just like we did.

How do I permanently delete someone’s data from ClickMagick?

One requirement of the GDPR is that users in the European Union now have the “right to be forgotten,” and at their request you must permanently delete any of their Personal Data that you have stored in any online system you use, such as an autoresponder, CRM, ClickMagick, etc. ...

We can’t help you do this with all the other tools that you use, but it’s really easy to do in ClickMagick …
1.    Pull up the IP Manager tool, which you can find in the Tools menu under the IP Tools subheading.
2.    Enter the user’s IP Address in the “From IP Address” field.
3.    Set “Delete clicks from this IP” to “Yes.”
4.    Click the button that says “Add IP Address or Range to ‘User’ Managed IPs”.

This will both flag or block this user in your ClickMagick account (based on your settings), and it will also remove all of their existing clicks, conversions and any other data about them from your account.

Is there anything else I should know?

If you’re building an email list, chances are you’ve had to make—or you’ll be making soon—some changes in the way that you collect email addresses and other Personal Data from users in the European Union.

This may or may not help you depending on your setup, but we’ve added a new Geotargeting group in the Geotargeting settings for tracking links and rotators that will let you quickly and easily geotarget users in the 28 countries that make up the EU.

This could be handy, for example, if you want to send your EU users to a custom opt-in page that incorporates any new changes you might be required to make to remain GDPR compliant, while continuing to send all the rest of your visitors to your “normal” opt-in page.

What if I have questions or need help with something?

As always just contact us at our Helpdesk and we’ll do our best to help.

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