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Why don’t my email Click-Through Rates match ClickMagick’s?

This is a great question, with a very simple answer in most cases...

Because so many scammy emails are sent these days, modern email programs try to protect their users by scanning all incoming messages for malicious links to phishing sites, infected downloads, and other malware.

To do that, email programs use pieces of code called “bots” to “click” on the links to see where they go. In short, if your email has a link in it and the bot clicks on it, your autoresponder will typically register a click that wasn’t from a real person ...

Autoresponder companies focus on high delivery rates, doing everything they can to get your messages into people’s inboxes and away from their spam folders. Their focus isn’t on the tracking side of things which is why experienced online marketers rely on services like ClickMagick for reliable tracking statistics.

As a click-tracking tool, ClickMagick focuses on the quality and types of clicks that come through your email links. Is the click from a bot or a person? Is this click a repeat click from the same person, or a unique click? These are critically important distinctions when looking at click stats.

By default, ClickMagick flags clicks from bots and does not include them in your Unique Count statistics.

That alone can create a significant discrepancy in the stats between your autoresponder and ClickMagick. If you normally include your link multiple times in your email messages, the discrepancies can be huge.

To learn even more about how bots can wreak havoc on your stats, read this article:

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Caution: Another reason that your email click-through rate may not match your ClickMagick stats is simply because you’re looking at different date ranges between the two tools. This is a common oversight. In ClickMagick, you can verify your date range by using the drop-down menu near the top of the page.
Tip: If you have an Action pixel on the “Thank You” page that follows your email opt-in page and the Actions in your ClickMagick stats don’t match your autoresponder’s stats, that’s a completely different issue which is fully explained here:
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