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What are the valid characters and length of a Sub-ID?

Sub-ID values can be up to 255 characters and may contain letters, numbers, and the following characters:
   - hyphen @ at symbol
  _ underscore + plus sign
  . period : colon
  = equals sign    
These Sub-ID character-restrictions only apply to the actual values being passed to your tracking links and rotators as Sub-IDs. All letters are case-insensitive meaning that the Sub-ID “DIET+PILLS” would be treated the same as “diet+pills.”

If you’re using your tracking links with Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, affiliate networks, or any other service that uses temporary tokens like #S1#, {payout}, %%FIRST-NAME%%, you can use those additional characters in your tracking links because Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and those other services will replace those tokens with actual values containing only valid characters before the link is ever used.

This is important to remember, because you cannot take a link like{keyword}

and paste it into the address bar of your browser to test it and expect it to work correctly.
Tip: If you want to test a tracking link that contains a token, test the link in the actual system that you intend to use the link with so it can properly replace the token with a valid Sub-ID value.

If you absolutely must use the browser’s address bar to test the link, then you’ll need to manually replace any tokens yourself. For example, you would need to replace the token {keyword} shown in the previous example with a valid replacement value like diet+pills before you submit the URL in your address bar:
Caution: if you use a Sub-ID that looks like a cost-per-click value, such as /0.63, ClickMagick will interpret that as a cost value if it is at the very end of the URL. See:
Can I pass in a cost value with each click?

Also, Sub-IDs that contain only 5 or 6-digit numbers such as /360138 are considered special as well and will be interpreted as numerical link or rotator IDs rather than Sub-IDs. That means that If you try to pass a date like “December 12, 2022” as /121222, you will run into trouble...

ClickMagick’s click IDs—which are 9 digits or more—will be passed as Sub-IDs just fine.

Article 351 Last updated: 11/01/2020 4:18:03 PM