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How can I easily test my links and tracking pixels?

The key to giving you the most accurate tracking stats possible is by identifying whether a visitor to your tracking or rotator link is a unique click or a repeat click. This is critically important, because the Unique Click value is used to compute your ACR, ECR, and SCR ratios as well as other important values in your stats.

ClickMagick is so fanatical about determining whether the visitor is unique that it can be quite difficult to test your links.

After all, it’s easy to forget that when you click on your link a second time, ClickMagick doesn’t see you as a unique visitor, but as a repeat visitor. This can cause all sorts of unexpected and confusing results, making it appear that something is broken either in your setup or in ClickMagick ...

That’s where ClickMagick’s Testing Tool comes in handy!

With ClickMagick’s Testing Tool, you can easily and reliably reset your unique visitor status any time you want to.

Simply go to the Tools menu at the top of every page and under the Testing sub-menu select the Testing Tool.

Next, click on the “Clear My Stuff” button
The Testing Tool will clear your tracking cookies and delete any clicks from our database that have come from your IP address (, which makes it look like you’ve never clicked on any link in your account.

This allows you to retest your links over and over as a unique visitor. Just click “Clear My Stuff” right before you start each new test.

No fuss, no muss!

If you have the Testing Tool open in its own tab, you can test and retest even faster!

There’s no need to use incognito or private windows, to use different browsers, or to use any other approach to try and trick ClickMagick into thinking you’re a different person for testing purposes.

Just forget all that stuff and use the “Clear My Stuff” button instead!

Note: The Testing Tool will only remove information about clicks coming from your own IP address (i.e., from yourself) and will not affect any other clicks that you have received. This allows you to retest links that already have click information without having to worry about losing any existing stats you have.

If you don’t want to remove your IP information and only want to clear your cookie information, here are the links you can use for that:

Delete Tracking Link Cookies
Delete Rotator Cookies
Delete Account-Related Cookies

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