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How many custom domains can I have?

With the Starter Plan, you can add two custom domains to your ClickMagick account. With two custom domains, you can set one up for tracking links and the other up for rotator links, or set both up for either tracking or for rotators.

With the Standard and Pro Plans, you can add even more custom domains. See the Sign-up Page for the exact number for your particular plan.

We get a couple of common questions related to the number of custom domains …

Do I need a different custom domain for each tracking link?

No, you don’t. You can use the same custom domain for thousands of tracking links. You do, however, need two custom domains if you want a custom domain for both rotators and tracking links. In this case as well, you only need one custom domain for all of your rotator links.

Keep in mind that you can create multiple custom domains from the same root domain by using subdomains. For example, you could use for your custom tracking domain and use the subdomain as your custom rotator domain.

Each subdomain is a completely separate domain, so and are as different as night and day to the Internet even though they look quite similar to people ...

Do “” and “” count as one domain?

Those are actually two completely separate domains but because so many people think they are one and the same, ClickMagick counts those as a single domain as far as how many domains you’re allowed with your plan.

In case you’re curious, the www subdomain is no different from track, rot, go, or any other subdomain you might use with It’s just that, for historical reasons, the www subdomain is commonly set up to point to the root domain, giving people the false impression that and are one and the same.

The version is just as different from as is. It’s only by common practice that is often set up to look like

In fact, you could set up as your custom tracking domain and set up as your custom rotator domain! That might be hard to keep straight, though, so we wouldn’t recommend doing that …

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