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How do I pass keyword data to my affiliate offer?

The short answer to this questions is that you probably don’t need to send keyword data to your affiliate offer since ClickMagick will record your keyword data for you and allow you to easily analyze it all from within ClickMagick. To learn how to use ClickMagick to track your keyword data, check out this article:
How do I track my Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Keywords?
Using ClickMagick to track and analyze your keyword data is generally much easier than using the tools in most affiliate networks so there’s generally no benefit to passing keyword data to your network.

If, on the other hand, you find there’s a reason to send keyword data to your affiliate network, you can do that by passing the keyword data through your affiliate link by using one of the Sub-ID tokens [s1] through [s5].

It works like this…

When you pass keyword data to a ClickMagick link, you pass it in as a Sub-ID. Suppose you have a tracking link with a Bing account and you’re tracking keyword data. The link in your Bing tracking template would look something like this:[USERNAME]/golfclubs/{KeyWord}

That would pass your Bing keywords into your golfclubs link as the first Sub-ID since the keywords are in the first position after the “/” in your tracking link. (Read the article at the start of this page if this doesn’t make sense to you.)

To pass your keywords to your affiliate link, you would need to know how your affiliate network expects to receive them and then you would use the [s1] token in your link to “forward” the first Sub-ID to your tracking link.

For example, suppose you affiliate network instructed you to pass your keywords using this link:

You would simply insert ClickMagick’s [s1] token in the spot where they show that your keywords should be:[s1]

With this setup, your keywords would get passed to your tracking link in the first Sub-ID spot, which would immediately redirect through the tracking link’s Primary URL to your affiliate link. As ClickMagick starts to redirect to your affiliate network, it automatically replaces the [s1] token with the actual keywords that it just received and would forward those keywords to your network.

If your tracking link isn’t redirecting directly to your affiliate network, but is going to an opt-in page or a landing page, then you would need to pass the keyword data through those pages which is a bit trickier. You can read how to pass data through other pages in this article:
Can I pass data to my affiliate links or autoresponder?

But again, in most cases you shouldn’t actually need to pass keyword data to your affiliate network since ClickMagick can handle all the analysis for you.

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