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How are clicks for the Billing Cycle determined?

The number of Billing Clicks that shows up on your Billing Page includes every single click that was sent to your tracking and rotator links for the billing period, which can be drastically different from the number of Total Clicks that you’d see over the same billing period.

The Billing Clicks includes not only the clicks in your Total Clicks column (on all pages, for the entire billing period), but also all of your Flagged Clicks, clicks to links you’ve since reset or deleted, clicks forwarded from one link to another link in your account, clicks from bots, and so on.

In other words, if any tracking or rotator link got a click, it’s included in the Billing Clicks for the billing period.

And if you’re using the Campaigns tracking system, these clicks also count toward your Billing Clicks as well.

Bot traffic is traffic that you have no control over—you’re going to get it no matter what you do. For this reason, ClickMagick always adds a generous 10% overage to your account to cover bot traffic. This prevents your account from ever going over it’s monthly limit because of bot traffic that you didn’t personally send to your account.
Note: Events generated by tracking pixels and Postback URLs are not included in your Billing Clicks since those clicks don’t come through your tracking and rotator links. Blocked clicks are also not included in your Billing Clicks since they are blocked before being sent to your tracking and rotator links.

Review Your Billing Clicks

To see the number of clicks that you’ve already accumulated during this Billing Cycle, simply go to your Billing Page which you can always find in the the Account menu at the top of every screen. The number of clicks you’ve received for this Billing Cycle will be shown near the top of the page.

To find out how many clicks are included in each plan, you can simply click on the “Manage Subscription” button from your Billing Page.
Note: You will be sent an email when the number of clicks in your Billing Cycle gets close to your Plan Limit. If your clicks exceed your Plan Limit, your plan will automatically be upgraded to the next Plan Level so that you won’t lose any traffic. Your plan will remain at the new level for future billing cycles unless you manually downgrade your account from the Billing Page after your next Billing Cycle starts.

Article 374 Last updated: 12/23/2020 3:17:02 PM