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What is my UID number?

The UID number is an internal user ID for your account and is used primarily with tracking pixels and Postback URLs.

Normally, you would never need to worry about the UID for your account, but if you need to see what your UID number is, the easiest way is to go to the Pixel Builder and look at the uid= value in the pixel that it automatically generates for you.

But since you’re curious, the UID for the “[USERNAME]” account is: [USERID]
Tip: To log in to your ClickMagick account, you would use your username, not the UID number for your account. To read more about your username, how you can change it, and other details, read this article:
What is my account ID or username?

Article 375 Last updated: 08/19/2020 10:18:08 AM