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How are “bots” handled by Tracking Links and Rotators?

ClickMagick does a lot behind the scenes to make sure your stats are as accurate as possible …

One of things ClickMagick does is monitor every single click you get to determine which clicks are from bots, search engine spiders, anti-virus programs, ad networks, and other automated systems.

By ensuring these automated “clicks” are not counted in your Total Clicks (TC) and Unique Clicks (UC), your conversion rates and other stats are always as accurate as possible.

ClickMagick will even send you an email alert with all the details if our system detects suspicious click activity on any of your links!

When an automated click is detected, it is added to the number in the Flagged Clicks (FC) column for that link, and by clicking on the number in the FC column you can view an extremely detailed list of these clicks.

Just remember that “flagged” simply means that the click counts are separated from the TC and UC columns. The clicks themselves are not interfered with and they are processed normally like any other click unless you block them in the “Bad Clicks” settings of your link or rotator.
Note: ClickMagick will alert you about any link or rotator that’s getting a higher than normal percentage of flagged clicks—more than 5% of the total—by highlighting that link or rotator in yellow on your dashboard.

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