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Does Udimi work with ClickMagick?

Udimi works fine with ClickMagick, but like Google Ads, it is very particular about what it allows you to do.

When working with Udimi, the best practice would be to avoid using any of ClickMagick’s advanced features that are either disallowed by Udimi’s terms of service, or that simply confuse their system.

For example, because of the way Udimi handles links, you shouldn’t use a custom tracking domain with your links. Instead, you should always use the account URL with your tracking links:[USERNAME]/…
Note: If you use a custom tracking domain, you may get the error of having too many redirects. The solution would be to use the default account URL for your tracking links.

If you’ve read elsewhere that you shouldn’t use your default tracking links in emails, don’t worry – Udimi will “wrap” your tracking link in their own tracking link and their link is what will be used in the emails that Udimi traffic sellers send to generate your clicks.

As another example, Udimi allows only a handful of redirects before it gives up.

This limitation has nothing specifically to do with ClickMagick, but because going through a tracking link requires a redirection, that cuts down on the remaining number of redirects that Udimi will process.

If your tracking link redirects to a website that does a lot of internal redirects before landing on its final page, that can be a problem that’s not easily solved without Udimi increasing the number of redirects it allows.

In general, if you’re using Udimi, always take the most simplistic approach and that should prevent you from running into any of issues that could otherwise affect you.

Article 382 Last updated: 11/17/2020 9:52:47 AM