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Does Builderall work with ClickMagick?

With a few minor exceptions. the Builderall platform works great with ClickMagick. Currently there are three known problems that are easily solvable:
1.    Builderall does not seem to work properly if you use a custom domain in your ClickMagick tracking links. The simple solution here is to always use your account domain for any tracking links you use with Builderall:[USERNAME]/linkSlug
2.    Because of the way Builderall inserts tracking pixels on a page, JavaScript tracking pixels will not work—you must use the traditional “Image/HTML” type of tracking pixel instead. By default, ClickMagick’s Pixel Builder will create “Image/HTML” pixels for you. Just don’t change that particular setting when you create your tracking pixels.
3.    If you’re trying to pass Sub-IDs through your Builderall pages using ClickMagick’s [cm_s1] through [cm_s5] tokens, that won’t work if you’re using the “Manage Action Counters” feature of Builderall.

ClickMagick does properly replace the [cm_s1] through [cm_s5] tokens, but the “Manage Action Counters” feature ignores those replacements and redirects your clicks to the unmodified tracking links with the [cm_s1] through [cm_s5] tokens unchanged.

The solution here is simply to turn off  “Manage Action Counters” feature for any link that you’re already tracking with ClickMagick. Since you’re already tracking the clicks in ClickMagick, using the “Manage Action Counters” feature is not necessary.
Note: If you’re not trying to use the [s1] through [s5] tokens, or if you don’t even know what that means, then this problem does not affect you.

Article 397 Last updated: 08/19/2020 10:18:33 AM